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Photo booth fun

There is just something hilariously fun about a photo booth. Especially when friends are around…

and bless my husband for patiently letting me drag him into the madness…

Life’s too short* to not have fun. 


* Yesterday the music community lost a beautiful soul in Race Godson. Cancer is an evil, horrible disease, but Race battled it with positivity and grace. I am sure he had his down and overwhelming moments, but to us he always had his gentle smile and a hug. Rest in peace, dear friend.

Facebook is great, but face-to-face is better

Tillamook CheeseLast night, my husband and I invited some friends over for a “wine-and-cheese party.”  We had Tillamook Cheese we wanted to share with our friends that we brought back from our recent trip to Oregon, and we figured what goes better with cheese than wine?

My husband and I happen to really love hosting get-togethers at our house, but we haven’t done it much in the last few years. We just felt like our house was too small to adequately host friends. The house we rented prior to the one we are in now was PERFECT for parties, but it was a little ways out of town and hard to get people to come out to visit. We moved into town, but downsized dramatically. We felt like our party hosting fun was still on hold until we moved again.

Boy were we wrong!

So what if we had to haul my desk chair from the office in and another chair up from basement?

So what if we didn’t have room on the table for plates, so we all just picked out our choice of finger foods with our fingers?

So what if there was a line to our one bathroom at one point?

323: Rhythm in WineIt didn’t diminish the wonderful evening that we had one bit. We put together a spread of cheese, veggies, fruit, bread, sausage, etc. We had Merlot, Moscato, Rosé, sparkling red, vodka, beer, Irish whisky, and water.

We had conversations.

In person.

Face-to-face conversations. We told stories, laughed (a lot), high fived over the table, and bounced ideas and thoughts off one another. No one was on Facebook. No one was on Twitter. We were all there, in that moment, together, enjoying each other’s company.

It was amazing.

When the party broke up, we all agreed that THIS was what it was all about. Friends getting together and catching up. And we vowed to do it again. We vowed to do it more often.

When our friends left, my husband and I looked at each other with big grins. I told my husband, “This just proved no house it too small when your heart is this full.”


A different kind of “color run”

362: Brilliant leaves

I dropped my husband off at the bus lot this morning to drive this weekend. He had the weekend off, but he was offered a fill-in gig as a bus driver for the next couple of days. Going into winter, you take every gig you’re offered when you’re offered it.

This meant seeing the sunrise as we drove north on I-65, a sight that we just never see given the night owls that we are. We see sunsets, but rarely do we see sunrises.

After I dropped him off, I got to experience something else I rarely get to see. The early morning sunlight (as any photographer will tell you is some of the most amazing light you’ll get to experience) dancing with the fall leaves on all the trees.

We’ve already had our first freeze of the season, and as such the leaves on almost all the trees have turned brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. It’s beautiful any time of day, but that morning sunlight transformed them into something extra special… something almost magical. I was as enamored with them as a child is with fireworks. They are gorgeous. Stunning. Awe inspiring.

I chuckled to myself as I called my run to and from the bus lot a “color run” of a different sort. (Referencing, of course, my participation in the 5K last month.) One I don’t have to shower after, and one made by God’s own hands. We had bad storms on Halloween, but those have long passed now. Now we are left with a beauty that only the fall season can bring.

Next time you head out, take a moment to take in the changes of the season. Take a moment to go on your own little color run. Enjoy!