My first Pinterest creation

Ah, Pinterest. That site that it seems everyone is addicted to now. I sure know I am! That virtual pinboard of things you like, want to save, and want to share with others. I have learned a lot thanks to Pinterest about photography, cameras, and things as random as how to tie a proper necktie.

About a week ago, I saw a friend pin the cutest Santa Hat Brownies, and I declared that I would have to make them. I followed the link to read how to make them, and then I decided to give it a go. I used a brownie mix, store-bought icing and strawberries. I don’t have the time or equipment or patience to go through all the steps to make them from scratch. Forgive me my laziness there.

Santa Hat Brownies

I had SO MUCH FUN making them! The most fun part was figuring out how to cut out the brownie bites. I used a shot glass!! A lot of humor a couple times as I couldn’t get the brownie out of the glass. I was glad no one was videoing me trying to shake it out.

Are they as pretty as the original pin? No. But they were made with love, fun and a whole lot of Christmas spirit. I hope everyone likes them at the Christmas party tomorrow night!!

 Santa Hat BrowniesYUM!

4 thoughts on “My first Pinterest creation”

  1. Those are very cute. I know it was fun to do this. So did Craig eat the outter circle of the brownie or did You??? Ha-ha!!! Enjoy the goodies and have fun at the party.

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