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Looking for Lenten recipes

120: Fish for dinnerLent not only means “giving something up” for 40 days leading up to Easter, it also means no meat on Fridays. I always say I could easily be a vegetarian. It not usual, when my husband is on the road, for me to go days on end without eating meat at all. But that’s my choice. When it comes to Lent, you would thinking cooking without meat was some sort of foreign challenge to me.

I do make a mean tilapia (as seen above). My parents and I discovered that last Lent. And I came up with this clam dip that I don’t know that I could duplicate now, since I didn’t write it down. I think it was just crab meat, mayo and garlic salt. I think. I really don’t remember, though.

Growing up, we made a lot of meatless spaghetti. And of course pancakes as a breakfast-for-supper meal. I love tuna fish sandwiches, and Tuna Helper is all kinds of awesome.

And you can’t beat one huge salad, either.

But this year… I want to try something new and different. I want to stretch my legs in the kitchen for Lent.

I definitely want to make hummus. I’ve been wanting to do that for a couple years now, and I think it is time I made that happen. I’m also thinking about stuffed bell peppers one night. I made a stuff tomato once when my husband was on the road, using a rice mixture I just made up, and then melted mozzarella cheese on top. That was yummy goodness. So I might do something similar using bell peppers.

Past that, though? I am kind of as a loss. I want recipes!

So help me out. What is your favorite Lenten/vegetarian dish? Throw me a cooking challenge!

My first Pinterest creation

Ah, Pinterest. That site that it seems everyone is addicted to now. I sure know I am! That virtual pinboard of things you like, want to save, and want to share with others. I have learned a lot thanks to Pinterest about photography, cameras, and things as random as how to tie a proper necktie.

About a week ago, I saw a friend pin the cutest Santa Hat Brownies, and I declared that I would have to make them. I followed the link to read how to make them, and then I decided to give it a go. I used a brownie mix, store-bought icing and strawberries. I don’t have the time or equipment or patience to go through all the steps to make them from scratch. Forgive me my laziness there.

Santa Hat Brownies

I had SO MUCH FUN making them! The most fun part was figuring out how to cut out the brownie bites. I used a shot glass!! A lot of humor a couple times as I couldn’t get the brownie out of the glass. I was glad no one was videoing me trying to shake it out.

Are they as pretty as the original pin? No. But they were made with love, fun and a whole lot of Christmas spirit. I hope everyone likes them at the Christmas party tomorrow night!!

 Santa Hat BrowniesYUM!