Embracing Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is the big day for February. Valentine’s Day. Red hearts, red roses, and boxes of chocolate. Teddy bears, dinner dates and romance in the air.

Or not.

My Twitter and Facebook are already starting to light up with disgruntled singles, calling it “Singles’ Awareness Day.” There are even couples complaining about the expense of the day and how they aren’t going to exchange gifts. There isn’t all love on this day of love.

I say bah humbug to ’em all.

Valentine’s Day can be awesome no matter what your stage in life.

As a kid, its fun to exchange cards with classmates. There is art to make, and you can do like my sister-in-law did with my niece and nephew and their cousins… have a cupcake decorating night!

If you are single, you can spoil yourself! I have bought myself flowers before. Take a bubble bath, or treat yourself to a massage day. (Or both!) Buy yourself that new thing you’ve been wanting but “just can’t justify buying.”

Spoil your friends, parents, nieces and nephews, or just go buy those kiddie cards and give them to anyone and everyone. The cashier at the store. Your cab driver. Send one in with your deposit at the bank. Okay, maybe not the last one, lest they think its a robbery attempt. Or send it but not in an envelop. Yeah, that would work.

Celebrate love in general!

If you are in a relationship and are grumbling about the cost of it, write a love letter instead! Go old school and cut hearts out of construction paper. You don’t have to spend much. Or perhaps agree to each give to your favorite charity instead of spending the money on flowers and candy.

There are SO MANY things you can do to embrace Valentine’s Day without being cliché or bitter about it. Just think outside the box and with an open heart. It doesn’t have to be about romantic love… it’s about love in general.

And I, for one, Love that.

2 thoughts on “Embracing Valentine’s Day”

  1. Great post!!! I just wanted to say that I’m knitting my hubby a hat for Valentines Day. Total cost $3.98 and about a day and a half of knitting. I got to pick out a teddy bear with the year on it (an annual gift) and books from barns & Nobel. Not very romantic but practical. Hope you two love birds have a great holiday!

  2. My “dislike” for Valentine’s day came when I was an assistant manager at Hallmark and I would watch dozens of men run into the store & grab a card, not even reading it, and a teddy bear off the shelf, begging us to wrap it all “pretty like”. I think you should celebrate the people you love, whether significant others or friends, EVERY day of the year. Life is too short to not say “I love you” every day. :)
    Heather recently posted..friday fragments: unloading one thought at a time.

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