175: Red Shoe AlertThe other day, I finally saw the video for Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl.”  Have you seen it?  Check it out.

Did you watch? Are those shoes not all fabulous!?

I have been in denial for far too long. I am a shoe girl. Help us all. But I am. Oh I don’t have a ton of shoes. And ironically, I can pretty much wear the same pair of shoes for a week and not feel the least bit bad about that. But I love shoes.

Boots are a serious weakness. Everything from cowboy boots to knee-high high heeled boots, I love ’em.

And I am SO glad I finally got over my fear of high heels. The fear had nothing to do with not being able to walk in them. It had to do with being almost 6′ tall! But thank heavens my husband digs my height and gets a kick out of when I throw on a serious pair of heels, putting me well over 6′ tall.

Who says just because I am tall that I can’t wear high heels? Heck no! I throw them on and walk proud of my height.

And my fabulous, fabulous shoes.

One thought on “Shoes”

  1. LOL! I am totally NOT a shoe girl. Flip flop girl? Maybe. Even those – I just have four main pair. I do love a pair of heels that I can walk in, which almost never happens. My fear is face planting. LOL

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