Young and old

I had a crazy experience last night.  I felt young… then felt really old.

My husband and I have turned Monday nights into date night. It just really works for us, and its a time to reconnect each week.

So last night, we went out to dinner… and I got carded ordering a beer.

“I love you!” I exclaimed to the server with a laugh. Totally made my day. He carded me!!  I rode this awesome high from it all through dinner.

Afterwards, we went to check out this night of music I’d been hearing others rave about for months…

And I felt really, really old.

Median age seemed to be about 25, and it was packed. The music was great! And I can see the appeal of it for many. But I kept thinking, “I did this in college. I’m not in college anymore.”

My husband and I left going, “We’re going to go be ‘old married folk’ and head home.”

Ah, it was fun. And I’ll probably go again sometime. But man… I guess I just got reminded that as fun as it is to feel 21, I’m totally happy being 31. I am right at the age I should be.

4 thoughts on “Young and old”

  1. I saw something on pinterest the other day that made me laugh so hard; something about how at age 28 every other weekend is a wedding and two drinks = a huge hangover. I can totally relate to this. It’s funny how life changes and so does your mindset, huh? :)
    Heather recently posted..thought questions 6-10

  2. I get those experiences often. One second I’m a baby and the next I’m an old woman. Chris and I were talking the other day how 2002 seems like yesterday, not 10 years ago. I happened upon “She’s All That” on TV the other day… O.M.G. LOL I felt all grown up watching that movie in high school and loved it, but watching it as a 30 year old (I still loved it) I felt for the first time that me in high school was REALLY young. It was a really odd feeling. I keep reminding myself that “old” is a mentality, not an age. My parents go and do more than Chris and I do. I love that my mom went with me to Harry’s to see Cody & Seth do their acoustic set last year (2 years ago?), and I still can’t believe she went with me to Ragweed at Harry’s when I was at A&M. If she can do that and enjoy herself and not feel self-conscious, then dangit, so can I. LOL

  3. If your your heart is evergreen then you are young at any age. If your heart is become old at early age then you are old at your young age. So, to be young make your heart young.
    Winston Nash recently posted..Ardillas

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