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I just want to go back to bed!

I’ve slept a lot lately. Allergies got me down and I’ve coped by just sleeping.

But I’m feeling better and I’m starting to get some things done.

So today I got up super early (for me) and ran some errands. Upon completing them I thought I’d treat myself to some Starbucks. (Chai Tea Latte… yummm) I headed that way only to find traffic at a standstill. I sat through three lights before maneuvering to the turn lane and detouring away. Traffic clearly didn’t want me to get my caffeine fix.

So I came home feeling a bit tired still. I thought about the day and decided I’d do what so many say at some point:

I just want to go back to bed!

So I did. Snuggled down. Between the sheets. And.

Nothing. Wide awake.

Dammit! Really!? Sleepy. Tired. Crying for sleep. But nope.

Sigh. Guess productivity won’t stop after all…

Bloggers block

I have a serious case of bloggers block this week. All the prompts in the world won’t help me when this happens.

My problem right now is that I have a couple of topics I want to write about as a writer… I’m just not entirely sure I want to write my thoughts as just me. There are certain lines and topics I strive to avoid in general — primarily because I haaaaaaaaaaaate drama and I don’t feel I’m a really great debater. So I avoid instead.

However, in the world today there are so many things that I feel frustrations towards and just want to say how I feel about them. It’s that frustration that is stopping me from blogging about other, more fun, topics.

So I guess what I am saying is: I’m frustrated with my frustration!

I think I need a drink. ;)