Week-end wrap up

It’s been a busy week. Looking forward to a slower next week, only to dive into an even busier week after that. But that it then, this is now.

I haven’t had time to do any blog posts all week, but I thought I could pause for a moment to throw out a few passing thoughts from the past week.

  • Allergies are evil. I’m ready for the environment to settle down a bit (less fronts pushing through) so my allergies will settle down, too.
  • When you don’t go to the grocery store for almost a month, you can be certain you’ll be that person pushing the overflowing cart through the store. But armed with a good list and a stack of coupons, it can be a fun challenge to be efficient and economical while you break the bank.
  • Sometimes its hard to know if you’re shooting what a client wants, but you have to just have faith in yourself that you’re doing a good job.
  • A news report about airlines charging extra for aisle and/or window seats, making it hard for families to sit together have left me livid. I’ve had to make long flights separated from my husband before because we bought out tickets late. Okay, fine. But the thought of children being separated from their parents leaves me just… spitting mad.
  • Saw this on Twitter the other day: Kyle Cook ‏@StalkingKyle — Journalism (when unbiased) is the only real conduit of truth between us and the politicians. More kids should seek this profession. I’m still proud of having a journalism degree… I just wish journalism was still truly unbiased. Too many try to sway opinions (even in news versus editorials) and its too much about selling papers. I want news, not sensational famous stories.
  • Sleep. Its important. I am learning (slowly) to not give it up in exchange for other things. You gotta give your body time to recharge and mend itself (if you’re not feeling well or fighting allergies like I am.)
  • I ran into so many people lately who haven’t been paying attention — be it by listening or by just keeping a head’s up. Makes me want to get out of my phone more and back into the world. Something I want to work on…
  • Ukelele is just fun to say.
  • Two little joys I found this week: A fresh Brita pitcher filter and a big bowl of Cheerios.
  • I receive a free sample of Lipton’s Tea & Honey packs this week from Klout. I AM IN LOVE. Can I get a case of these? Please?
  • My nephew graduated from junior high. He’s now a high schooler. He was born when I was in high school.
  • I am sooooooooooooooo proud of my niece and nephew and all their many accomplishments this past school year. Another year in the books. Welcome to summer.

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