Life Well Lived: Relaxation Techniques

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102: Chill & UnwindThis week is quite fitting for me right now: What are your favorite relaxation techniques? And what benefits do you see from practicing them?

I’ve been SO busy that I’ve actually, this past week, not had time to even edit my daily photos! Time to relax has come at a premium, but its also VERY important to help stay sane when things get busy.

I have a variety of relaxation techniques that I turn to as they fit in my days or nights (or even the season!)

One of my favorite relaxation techniques (that I don’t get to do often at all) is a hot bubble bath.  I would say a “long hot bubble bath” but I can never seem to sit in the tub for long before I actually go from relaxing to being bored. I suppose I am strange that way, but its true. Nonetheless, a bubble bath is one of my favorite escapes from “life” for a little while.

You’re going to roll your eyes at me, but I actually play a few of those games on Facebook that people will complain about their friends playing. I just have all my posts set to only show to those friends who also play. But at the end of the day, when I want to just shut the brain off and let go of the day and its many stresses, I log into Facebook and play a game or two. By the time I am done, I am ready to crawl into bed, sufficiently relaxed.  (Sometimes, though, I opt for games like Draw Something on my phone for that day disconnect.)

I mentioned the season helping determine some of my relaxation techniques. In the winter, I love a cup of hot chocolate or hot coffee in front of a the fire. In the summer, an adult beverage with friends or by the lake (or with friends by the lake) is a favorite technique as well.

Finally, the old stand-bys are always helpful. Those include taking deep breaths, stretching my neck and shoulder muscles, going for a walk, listening to soft music, and having a conversation with God. All of these will always, without fail, help me relax and settle down in any situation.

So tell me… what are your favorite techniques? Tell me here, or go visit the Main Post on and join me in the comments. Also enter the current Life Well Lived Sweepstakes!

5 thoughts on “Life Well Lived: Relaxation Techniques”

  1. So, I love the bathtub! A glass of wine and a book to read help you stay in there until at least the water gets cold. I use a technique I learned awhile back to help me go to sleep. I start with my feet and legs and tighten all the muscles and hold them for 10 seconds and then release them. I then go up to tummy muscles and then to shoulders and neck. By the end of this time, I am relaxed and ready to say my prayers with an open mind and go off to sleep.

  2. Ok, the long bubble bath and getting bored is me as well. Guess it is alright now that I shouldn’t even soak for long. But just a bath can be relaxing. You did have some good ideas and I guess my best relaxation that I just learn works is to do the exercises that goes with my controlling my TMJ. Any type of exercise helps a lot as well.
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  3. Ohhh, relaxing. Taking my book to the tub is my favorite. I’ve recently changed my routine when I soak – I now go ahead and bathe, wash my hair, shave my legs, etc. THEN I read the book ’til the water gets cold. That way I can just get out when I’m ready instead of taking a bath in a cold tub of water. LOL Sounds so simple – took me years to realize it. ;-)

    Taking a walk or going jogging is a very close second these days. That feeling of getting outside, shutting out the world, shutting out my thoughts and only focusing on my breathing is as close to zen as I get. Sometimes I sing songs in my head, but regardless- getting outside and moving around definitely relaxes my shoulders and my back.

    Third would be an adult beverage… wine, beer, whatever. LOL Sometimes at night, when it’s late and I don’t want any alcohol – I turn to hot tea. So comforting.

    On an exceptionally stressful day, I usually do all three of these things. LOL

  4. Deep Breathing: One very easy and also free ways is deep breathing. Sometimes, or really usually, when we are stressed or tense our breathing becomes shallow and restricted. This only adds to the tension as all the organs of our body are not getting enough oxygen. Next time you feel tense, see if you can slow down a bit and then try some deep breathing. Take a deep breath in and try to breath into your belly. You can even place your hands on your belly and feel it expand as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Closing your eyes is very helpful as well. I think you will notice an immediate calm.
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  5. I have to say, the bathtub and breathing are very nice options. However, for me, it is spending time in my hammock. There is nothing in the world more relaxing than escaping to another destination and this is something i can easily do in my hammock. I will make sure to close my eyes Laura :-)….

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