Fall Views

Oranges. Reds. Brilliant Yellows.

Even on warm days, there’s a crisp feel to the wind.

Pumpkin flavor in overload.

A change in the air.

I’ve always loved fall, but every year it still takes me by surprise, how much I enjoy it. I love digging out sweaters and sweatshirts. A hot cup of coffee just feels right. The glow of the fireplace. Laughter and shrieks in corn mazes and around bonfires.

A close to summer, giving warm afternoons to enjoy the changing colors around you.

An open to winter, where jackets and scarfs are welcome warmth.

My only complaints of the season are that allergies seem to flare up, and the days pass too fast as things seem to all happen at the same time. I can’t attend every event I want to attend. Something ends up being missed. But perhaps its more like something left to look forward to next year.

I’m getting ahead of myself, thankfully. Still plenty of time to enjoy some fall fun, before it fades away into the holiday season. If you get a chance to get out and enjoy it, I highly recommend it. Take a moment and soak in the season.

3 thoughts on “Fall Views”

  1. I love fall too! Wish we had a bit more of it. But all of my lovely fall flowers make me feel good. Enjoy every moment of your beautiful weather and colors!

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