2012 In Review

2012 is winding down… less than a day and a half remain as I type this. It’s been a very FULL year; a busy and (thankfully!) prosperous one. Many goals and dreams seem to be on track, and I have nothing but thanks to give for 2012. What a change from just a few years ago!! I pray 2013 will continue the upward trend.

My year in photos… hitting some of the high points. I had such a full year, its impossible to talk about it all.  (But it won’t stop me from trying! LOL)


058: Five years of marriage

Celebrated 5 Years of Marriage

065: B.A. Photoshoot D.S. Photoshoot

Did several photo shoots that made me more confident behind the camera.

055: Painting the dance floor 2012 Waco MDA Muscle Walk

 Helped clean and revamp the bar… and attended Waco’s MDA Muscle Walk to support my nephew and family.

Kassie Jordan CD Release Party Pennies on Sully

 Attending Kassie Jordan’s CD release party… and put a penny on Sully. Asking for luck in life.

112: Leap Year Hot cup of tea

It was a Leap Year… and contained lots of trips to the Opry.

137: Bluebonnets 161: Butterfly

Nature was extra beautiful in Texas in the Spring.

Mary Allen Seminary - Crockett, Texas Joe Diffie @ Dosey Doe

And several Diffie shows brought my husband and me together during tax season (and let us explore Texas a bit!)

157: Opening Day Goodguys Nashville Nationals

I got to see my niece play ball… and later I attended Good Guy’s Nationals Car Show.

Mule Arrow UP

 I was introduced to Mules (yum!) and Antique Archeology in Music City.

207: Great American Food Truck Race CMA Fest 2012

There was the Great Food Truck Race and Fan Fair… oh wait, CMA Music Fest.

Oregon - July 2012  251: Fishing


248: Silver Falls; South Falls  Oregon - July 2012

A long over-due visit to the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon - July 2012

And of course, Multnomah Falls.

  From the backseat of a motorcycle  277: On the bike

 My husband got a motorcycle, and (help us all) I like it.

285: Wilson County Fair 2012  310: Battle of the Bell

Wilson County Fair and Battle of the Bell

312: Kyle Field 042: State Championship Game

Kyle Field and Cowboys Stadium. (Not to mention a Heisman Trophy for Aggie QB and State Championship for my Yoemen.)

Vanilla Latte Art  Candy cane

Taking time to relax, and get a bit creative for friends.

043: Texas Ornament Snow!

Christmas in Texas… and snow as the year ends. (Oh and that truck.)

 Nashville skyline

Nashville is Home.


Family has my Heart

6 thoughts on “2012 In Review”

  1. Beautiful! Love how you tied so many things from the year together. Here is to a great 2013 and many more lovely memories.

  2. What a great way to recap the year….in pictures….which you do so well. Keep polishing that talent as you know I support you 1000%. Here is to a very Happy & Healthy 2013!

  3. Love your year in review in pictures. :) Oh – and that truck? I thought it was different but couldn’t remember. LOL Here’s to 2013 being an upward trend for me. 2012 wasn’t bad, but it could have been a lot better. I have a lot to be thankful for despite setbacks and bad news and etc. Love that 5 year picture- I may have to steal it in March. :)

    1. Thank you!

      LOL! Yup. It’s new. Ah. Crazy.

      Here’s to a great 2013… and definitely steal the photo idea! I got it off Pinterest. But the example was someone who did that EVERY year. Nah… too cumbersome. I think every 5 years is juuuust fine. LOL!!

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