Intelligence, time and fun

Yesterday, a friend posted this on Facebook (Yes I totally swiped it and posting it here):


My first three words I found were: Intelligence, Time and Fun.


I sat and mulled it over. What did that MEAN!? (And no, I don’t believe this game to be true. Just like I don’t REALLY believe eating black eyed peas and collard greens on January 1st will bring me good luck… but I do it anyway.)

I am an optimist! I AM! Honest! And yet my brain went, “Well, intelligence tends to come from experience and I learn most from my mistakes. Time… I end up with time because I don’t have any work. And fun… we get to go on vacation?”

How much more doom and gloom can you get!? Failure to be able to gain intelligence? Loss of work to have time?

I posed it to my husband. What did those three words mean?

He said, “We will use intelligence to make wise decisions. We will have time to enjoy together. And we’ll go on vacation.”

At least we both agreed we need a vacation.

I told him I liked his way better, and then told him what I came up with. We laughed at the difference, considering how I am usually the cheerleader for us. I told him I didn’t feel pessimistic! But, I guess between fiscal cliffs and the fact that 2012 WAS good to us… I’m braced to have to work harder in 2013. Even though, really, I feel like it’s just going to keep getting better, as we navigate life and make changes and advances in our goals and dreams.

And definitely — DEFINITELY — go on vacation.

2 thoughts on “Intelligence, time and fun”

  1. I saw money, love and intelligence! I hope all three of those things come to me in 2013 :) Funny how we all see different words.

  2. My first three were Love, Money, Honesty, then Friends. I like that love and money is supposed to come to me. I like that friends should be coming to me! But Honesty? Uh? I hope in a good way. ;-)

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