Please don’t play it again

imageIf you ever hear a musician say they are charting songs, it means they are learning the songs to perform. (That’s a general definition at least.) After they chart them, they’ll “woodshed” to commit them to memory.

When either or both of these happened in our old house, it meant my husband would be closing himself up in the upstairs bonus room for hours on end. I’d sometimes have to convince him he needed to break to eat!

In our house now, there’s no bonus room. So, it means he sets up where he can to practice. Normally he uses his in-ears system (think expensive ear buds) and all I hear is the thump-thump-thumpthumpthump of his fingers on the keys.

Last night, though, he didn’t have his in-ears with him, so he was practicing and I could hear everything.

It’s definitely interesting to see and hear how he goes about learning the songs. But after a couple of hours of hearing bits and pieces of the same song over and over and over, I finally went, “I’m seriously growing to hate this song!”

Note to self: Never ask hubby to learn a song I really like lest I grow to hate it!

In almost cruel irony, the gig he was learning songs for last night got canceled due to the “ice storm warning” we have been under all day. He’ll still need to know the songs for a later date, so its not lost time! But it might be awhile before I like the songs he’s been learning again.

One thought on “Please don’t play it again”

  1. I never thought about the other people in the house when I used to take piano lessons & played regularly. Whoops. :) I do miss playing. One of these days I’m buying myself a piano!

    At least in the warmer months you can go outside? Or better yet – let HIM go outside on the porch with an extension cord. LOL

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