159: New nail colorI have a very self-serving dream. I dream of having amazing nails.

Silly, perhaps? But I want that. SO bad. I want pretty nails. Not chipped up, split, sad things that I normally have.

My hair has always been my appearance obsession. It still is, but not to the degree it used to be. I’m really happy with the short cut I keep today, so I don’t find myself focusing on it as much as I once did. Now my focus is my nails.

Oh I’m all about pedicures and cute toe nails. Its one thing I maintain just fine, you just never see them. Boots and tennis shoes don’t exactly show off the cute polish I always have on my toes. So suddenly my focus is on my finger nails. Blame Pinterest, perhaps. I don’t know.

I’ve never been one to go get professional manicures, and I’ve only had tips put on once for my senior prom. I wear contacts and for some reason long nails hinder my taking my contacts out. Its a personal issue, I know, and a really dumb thing given how many women have long nails and wear contacts. But suffice to say, I’m never going to have super long nails.

But I want my short nails to look good nonetheless! I used to hate painting my nails. I felt colored fingernails were distracting and didn’t look right on me. (Even as I’d admire it on other women.) Somewhere in the last year, that’s changed. I want color on my nails. I want to show them off.

However, bartending just makes it pointless. I paint my nails. I go to work. I come home with chipped nails, split nails, and atleast once a month I have a finger wrapped in a band-aid because I cut myself one way or another.

I’m pitiful! Oh and don’t tell me to try these “chip-free” or “long-lasting” polishes. I’ve tried them all.  (Now, I’ve not done the gel polish thing, because I’m afraid spending the money and still not last.) None of them have stood the test of slinging beer and mixing drinks at a fast pace.

So for now… I accept that on my days off I’ll keep nice-as-I-can nails, and then on work days accept it won’t last. Some day I’ll have cute nails. Someday.

One thought on “Mani”

  1. My nails almost never look good. I got a manicure a week ago, and sadly, the girl did not do a good job at all, the polish was gloppy… I’m already taking it off tonight because it’s chipped/flaked so badly.

    I gotta say, my mom is a 100% fan of the gel polish! It’s the one thing that lasts more than a few days on her nails.

    My one advice is to find a polish you like that has a bit of shimmer/glitter effect to it. For some reason those always stay on my nails WAY better/longer than anything else. I’m partial to this Princess Pink polish I have. It’s a soft pale pink with shimmer.

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