#DrinkUpLinkUp — Absolut Cilantro

All right. I know this flavored vodka craze is just that… crazy. However, I’ve really not found a flavored vodka that I didn’t like, but I have a whole lotta flavors left to try.

Monday, my husband and I stopped by our local liquor store to pick up a couple goodies to take to a friend’s house for an evening hanging out around the fire pit, visiting and just… relaxing. As we looked around my husband pointed it out:

Absolut Cilantro.

Cilantro? Really? I happen to be a big cilantro fan, but I never thought of using it for a drink. I was curious, of course, but a little scared. Luckily, they had little “airplane bottles” of the intriguing flavor at the register so I grabbed one to try. The lady that checked us out said she’d only used it in making homemade salsa, but couldn’t really tell us much past that. Hmmm…

249: Absolut Cilantro

I wanted to really get an idea of the flavor, so I mixed it with just water. Absolut Cilantro and water. I added a slash of lime juice and some simple syrup.

It was… really different! I didn’t hate it. But I didn’t mind when I ran out of drink and switched back to just water.

Ever had fresh cilantro? Yeah, that’s what it tasted like. I told my husband after I had it that I understood… I could totally see myself using it in homemade salsa to give it a fun kick. Heck, I might just try that next week. Go get a couple more little bottles and try that.

We’ll see. ;)

But, hey, I tried it! And I didn’t hate it. So I’ll take that.



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  1. I think it would be a nice addition to a Bloody Mary. I’d be more interested in a basil flavored vodka! I recently discovered a peach + strawberry + basil flavor profile… so delicious!

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