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#DrinkUpLinkUp — A couple standards

January 23rd, 2014 No comments

 I want to admit something. While on vacation, I finally tried two standards at the bar that I make ALL THE TIME, but I had never tasted myself.

First off, the White Russian.

While at my in-laws house, I was faced with a selection of liquors, none of which really made me go, “Let’s be creative and make something.” So the first night, I sipped a Screwdriver (vodka/OJ for anyone who doesn’t know). The second night, it hit me. I had the stuff for a White Russian. Equal parts Kahlua and Vodka, topped with milk. Easy stuff. So I made that. And now I understand why I make so many a night.

SO YUM. It was like my favorite coffee drink with a kick. On top of that, its easy to adjust the amount of vodka to decide the amount of kick in your drink. (Less vodka for me… more Kahlua.)

My second standard I tried for the first time was a gin & tonic.


Yes, yes I tried it for the first time last week. What’s funny if I’ve convinced countless people to try a gin & tonic based on, “It’s a really popular drink if you want to try something different…” and yet I hadn’t ever tried one myself.

Now I understand why people get hooked on them. It was so refreshing! Light and smooth. A squeeze of lime in it gave it that citrus kick that will make me want it as one of my summer drinks. I usually more of a coconut rum girl, but I could become a gin lover as well.

Sometimes drinks are old standards for a reason… its because they are really good! So next time you want to try something new… maybe its actually time to try something old.


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#DrinkUpLinkUp – Make your own ornament!

December 5th, 2013 1 comment

Every Christmas season, there’s a night I look forward to more than most… the tree decorating party at the bar! This past Monday was the 2013 edition of the fun night.  The concept is easy… go buy airplane bottles of your favorite liquor, drink it, and then decorate the bottle. Ta da!… a Christmas ornament!

You can keep it simple:

Tree decorating party

You can get complex:

Tree decorating party

Beer cans work great as well:

Tree decorating party

And we’ve found that Patron bottles are particularly fun:

Tree decorating party

Red Bull gives you wings, so how about an angel?

Tree decorating party

It doesn’t even have to be an ornament… make just some great decorations:

Tree decorating party

 Needless to say, its a super fun night, and it amazing to see how creative your friends are when given liquor and a glue gun. So maybe someday when you want to put a twist on your Christmas party, turn it into a decorating party, and let the fun — and drinking — begin!


#DrinkUpLinkUp — Shiner White Wing

November 22nd, 2013 No comments

I love when I have a conversation one day, and then a couple days later that conversation’s topic jumps up again elsewhere.

Monday night, I was talking about how Shiner has been doing a yearly brew for the last several years. Specifically:

  • Shiner 96 — Märzen/Oktoberfest
  • Shiner 97 — Bohemian Black Lager
  • Shiner 98 — Bavarian Style Amber
  • Shiner 99 — Munich Style Helles Lager
  • Shiner 100 Commemorator — Starkbier
  • Shiner 101 — Czech-style Pilsner
  • Shiner 102 — American Style Double Wheat Ale
  • Shiner 103 — Wild Hare Pale Ale

I mentioned they had to be on 104, but I had no idea what it was. Then two days later it appears on my Facebook feed. Shiner White Wing. Then today, I snagged myself a six pack of it. Serious. Joy.

 Shiner White Wing

Now, anyone familiar with my beer preferences knows I call myself a “wheat beer girl,” so when I found out 104 was a Belgian-style wheat ale I might have squealed. Out loud. In fact, no might to it… I did.

That cloudy, golden color. That bright white head. I’ll take that over any other beer ANY day.

Shiner White Wing

If you’re looking for the next Blue Moon,  you’re not looking in the right place. Personally, I compare it more to the classic Hoegaarden and I can’t wait to try my next glass with a squeeze of lemon. It’s more about the wheat than it is the orange and coriander, so it ends very dry on the palette.

Shiner White Wing

Hoegaarden was my first favorite witbier, and I regret having strayed from it over the last five years. I’ve become a big fan of Shocktop, even over Blue Moon, because its much more fruity of a flavor. But when I took my first drink of Shiner’s White Wing, I was slammed back in my memory of my first favorite. I love me a fruity beer (see Abita Strawberry Harvest) but sometimes… sometimes you gotta go back to the flavors of the standards that have stood the test of time.  I’d expect nothing less from oldest independent brewery in Texas than to bring to my taste buds a classic witbier flavoring. And boy did they deliver! Love it!

Shiner White Wing


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#DrinkUpLinkUp — Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack

November 14th, 2013 1 comment

I’ve been raving over a new find in the liquor store lately. Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack.

Now, Winter Jack is not as new as it may seem. It launched last year in New Hampshire, and let me tell you those New Hampshirians (New Hampshirites?) are some lucky people. They got the jump on all the rest of us.

This stuff is DANGEROUS because it is SO GOOD.

Jack Daniels Winter Jack

A step away from their usual black label, Jack Daniels goes into winter snowy white with this Tennessee Cider… perfectly made for a night by the fire while the wind howls outside.

At 30 Proof, this Tennessee Cider goes down easy with no need for any sort of mixer or chaser. It’s meant to be enjoyed hot, straight up, in your favorite coffee mug. I have had it in a hot toddy, though, while I had a cold recently. I mixed it in my cinnamon tea with some honey… oh my word. It took that hot toddy to a whole new amazing level.

But seriously, no need to mix it. Just sip it hot out of a coffee mug to warm up on a cold night. It’s more apple cider and cinnamon flavor than Jack Daniels, though you do get that classic woody, smokey taste on the back end of every sip.

This will make a great gift at Christmas or bring it to Thanksgiving dinner. Or better yet, just go grab a bottle to enjoy any night of the week!  But do it quickly, because this goody will only be available until February and only in the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.



* Opinions here are all mine. I’ve not been paid in any way, shape, or form for said opinion. Just love sharing good new booze with the world. LOL! ;)

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#DrinkUpLinkUp – RumChata

August 1st, 2013 1 comment

A few months back, when the bar I work at first got RumChata we all did a big, “What IS this stuff?” I looked it up and it claimed to be a “bartender’s best friend,” and I immediately felt kinda dumb for not know what it was already. But. I’d never heard of it!

So, of course, I immediately downloaded the RumChata app to my phone to start exploring what to do with this… stuff. And immediately, we started experimenting.

Ever since that night I’ve not looked back. It’s become a favorite item on our shelf, and I have to be quick to get a bottle at my liquor store if I want some at home because they sell out fast!


So, that being said, “What is it?”

Well, its Rum and Horchata of course.

Yeah, that didn’t help me any either. Horchata is the name of several kinds of traditional beverages, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts. *

STILL doesn’t help me any.

The way I describe it at the bar, RumChata (13.75% ABV – 27.5 proof) is like an Irish cream, only it features rum instead of Irish whisky. That’s a super crude description, but its the most general explanation I can give. If you ask me what its main flavor is, I’d have to say a combination of vanilla and cinnamon.

I’ve taken to drinking it in coffee at home. But at the bar, our favorite ways to serve it is:

Cinnamon Bun
3 pts RumChata
1 pt Kahlua

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
3 pts RumChata
1 pt  Fireball

Both have become super popular shots at the bar. Lots of ways to mix RumChata though… would love to hear how you drink it. Like I said, its become a must-have for me. How about you?



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#DrinkUpLinkUp — Red Hook Wisecracker Wit

July 26th, 2013 No comments

Wheat beer brewed with Ginger, but still digs Mary Ann.

I picked up a Red Hook Wisecracker Wit awhile back, when my husband and I did one of those, “make your own six packs” at the store. I finally got around to drinking it the other day.

 Red Hook -- Wise Cracker Wit

My favorite beer style is a wheat beer, and for a long time if it was a wheat beer I’d love it. Now, though, I’m a lot pickier about my wheat beers. I look for drink-ability first and foremost. (Duh!)  But beyond that, I want one that that stands out among the rest.

Red Hook Wisecracker Wit is high on the first, but middle of the pack with the last. This is a HIGHLY drinkable beer. I poured it into a glass, but I think it would be just as easy to drink from the bottle. (Wheat beers are meant to be enjoyed from a glass, in my opinion. Sometimes, though, that might not be an option.) I’d happily pack a six-pack for a day on a boat or for a backyard barbecue. It’s very easy to drink. Which could potentially be dangerous.

Red Hook -- Wise Cracker Wit

However, it didn’t really make me go, “WOW! This really stands out from the rest!” It just kind of runs middle of the pack of all the wheat beers I’ve had regarding uniqueness. Nothing really jumped out at me flavor-wise that made me stop and really analyze it.

Nonetheless, that’s nothing to stop me from having it again, though. I did enjoy it very much, and, like I said, it might just show up at a future barbecue in my cooler.


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