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Starting my day

Breakfast. They say its the most important meal of the day.

I have gone through phases in life, though, in which I just skipped that important meal. In high school, I went through a carb-breakfast phase. I found popcorn or potato chips or Frito’s to be perfectly acceptable forms of breakfast. In college, I would be a good two to three hours into my day before I would stop at a snack shop for a bagel or something.

Today, though, I can’t have a good day without getting up and having breakfast. I’ve embraced that important meal.

Every day (except days when I have to go pick up my husband from the bus — those are usually get up, throw on a baseball cap and run out of the door still rubbing sleep out of my eyes), I get up and head straight to the kitchen.

Coffee is hit or miss. Some days I can’t imagine not brewing a pot of coffee. Sometimes, though, that depends on if I get up way earlier than I know my husband wants to get up. We have a coffee grinder, and I hate to wake him by using it on those mornings. Other days, I wrinkle my nose at the coffee pot and reach for either a glass of milk or juice. Sometimes I’m feeling especially rebellious and I’ll reach for a Dr. Pepper.

Then, its generally one of three breakfast options:

— eggs. I grew up hating eggs, but in the last year I’ve started going through a dozen eggs every couple of weeks. Fried or scrambled or sometimes boiled. I’ve found a pleasure in this breakfast item. Scrambled is usually combined with ham or cheese and some salsa. You have to put a splash of milk in your scrambled eggs to really fluff them up.  Fried is over easy. However, I’ve definitely found the quality of egg to be key in this. I hate when the yolk breaks while I’m frying it. The whole point of fried eggs is the buttery, gooey yolk! Fried eggs must always be accompanied by toast with jelly.

— cereal. Who doesn’t love a big bowl of cereal in the morning? What takes you back to childhood faster!? Special K, Cheerios or Total are usually the three brands in our pantry. Occasionally I’ll sneak in some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, though. I always put in way too much milk, but I don’t care. I don’t want dry cereal! I want to be able to drink the milk after, or perhaps use it in my freshly brewed cup of coffee. Seriously, the milk that was used over cinnamon cereal is the best thing ever in a cup of coffee.

–PB&J.  I blame my parents for this one. They’ve been on a peanut butter and jelly for breakfast kick for awhile now, and I totally understand why. Its a wonderful comfort food as you start your day! I alternate between toasting my bread or leaving it soft and squishy. My husband hates my other addition I make to PB&J at times: breakfast meat. He says its gross. I ignore him and do it any way. It’s my one thing I eat that most people probably do find gross, but I say, “Don’t knock it until you try it!”

Oh, sure, some days I sway from these breakfast choices. Pop Tarts find their way into my pantry sometimes. Oatmeal as well. But most of the time, you’ll find me devouring any of these three items within fifteen minutes of rolling out of bed.

So I ask: What’s your favorite breakfast choices?

*Topic idea from NaBloPoMo today.