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CMA Fest Bingo 2016

I didn’t realize until today that I never did a CMA Fest Bingo last year, presumably because of travel. But its time to bring it back for 2016 with new eyes since I attended last year as a music fan myself!

I went a little easier this year, too. Or… at least I think it is.  You can be the judge.

CMA Fest Bingo 2016


Past years:

It’s Fan Fair week! BINGO time!

Country Music FansI haven’t missed an entire week blogging in YEARS. But it happened past week, and chances are this is the only post that will happen this week. Why?

Because it’s Fan Fair CMA Fest Week!

Ask anyone in a Nashville, and you’ll get mixed reactions. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people (like me) have mixed feelings.

The music fan in me loves it. The people person in me loves it. The person needing some money loves it. (Hey, I’m just being honest here!)

My energy levels do not love it though. My feet do not love it. My wish to park easily and travel through downtown does not love it.  My wish to just see my own house for a day does not love it.

But on a whole, I do enjoy it more than hate it. And as such, I’ve written several Fan Fair posts in the past, and with my lack of time right now and just flat out being tired I’m going to direct you to those:

Now, in case I don’t have time to share this later… my CMA Fest Bingo card for 2014!