6 thoughts on “CMA Fest Bingo 2013”

  1. I love the Bingo! I am glad you did one for 2013. I was hoping that there would be a box for a Deacon spotting or something related to the Nashville show!

    1. Thank you! Kicking myself I didn’t think of the Deacon spotting idea. It took me quite awhile to come up with all the ones I have, and I never thought of the show relation! That would have been perfect, and I’d be shocked if Deacon wasn’t around somewhere this week. Noting it for next year!

  2. I love to see all the cool and different things you are posting in your blog! James and I like to go back and catch up on weeks we missed and see how ya’ll are doing! I’m seeing your blog posts more often on Facebook too, so it’s a great reminder! Keep it up!

    1. Oh yay! Thanks so much!! I’ve started manually posting the blog posts to Facebook. I was letting an app do it for a long time, and it left me high and dry for a couple of weeks. So I handle it myself and I think its posting WAY better now. Sometimes you just gotta take control! haha

      Hope to see you and James sometime. Hey, Craig has a show in Houston in a few weeks that I am tentatively planning to attend. I’ll post the details on FB soon if you guys are interested!

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