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[Booksneeze] — Men of Sunday by Curtis Eichelberger


I requested to read and review Men of Sunday: How Faith Guides the Players, Coaches, and Wives of the NFL by Curtis Eichelberger near the end of the last football season. It’s taken me awhile to finish it, but the start of the 2013-14 football season seemed like a prefect time to bring this book back out.

Men of Sunday is a really interesting read as it looks at the place faith in God takes in the world of those in the NFL. For me, it was a comforting discovery as a Christian and a fan of football, because I have struggled many times with the way it often feels like football trumps God in the lives of many as soon as the season begins.

It didn’t take long to get sucked into the book, and it  really grabbed can my attention as it delved into how a Christian can play such a violent game, in which they know they will at some point injure a fellow player.  “…while the game is violent, all players on the field know the rules and agree to share the risks equally…” p. 37

From there it took a good long look at how faith impacts players, coaches and their families through interviews and personal stories. It’s a true study of the intersection of football and faith. I learned so much about many players and coaches that I had only known by name and team.

If you love football and want to take a look at the players outside of stats, scores and the usual media coverage, I recommend checking out Men of Sunday and get another perspective of the sport and its players.

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Always an Aggie

Back in August, I put my Aggie flag out by my porch.

Once an Aggie, always an Aggie.

I put it out feeling strongly we’d struggle this year. First year in the SEC. New coach. Everything in general said this would be a losing year. I didn’t care… I am an Aggie in my heart and in my blood. I’d fly my flag with pride.

Then… then we started winning. What?

Then Heisman talk started for our Freshman QB “Johnny Football.”

I started getting high fives in the bar on Saturdays, when I wear my Aggie gear to work.

We beat #1 Alabama.

Even more high fives. Even more Heisman talk. Stronger talk. Stats started to be thrown around. Texas A&M has been making waves this year. Ranked in the Top 10 going into our last week of regular season play. BCS bowl speculations.

Tonight, we go into our game against Mizzou — fellow former Big XII team now in the SEC. We’re favored to win, but I know better than to just expect it. Look at Alabama, Oregon and K-State this year alone.

Wrong, Feldman. It’s always felt good to be an Aggie. I’ve been proud to be an Aggie since the day I was born. We’re having a good year, yes. VERY good year. But I’m proud of my school even when we’re having an off year.

Win or lose. Always an Aggie.


Church pewsI went to church tonight. I haven’t been in months… “too busy” or “it doesn’t fit in my schedule.”

I like keeping my Saturdays low key. Or I should say I LIKED keeping my Saturday’s low key.

Then football season began… and my Saturdays exploded. Suddenly I was darting across town to attend the game watching parties I organized. And it hit me one day.

All these past months, I’ve been “too busy to go to church.” But suddenly I wasn’t too busy to go to a football game. There was something wrong here. Very wrong.

So tonight, I put my focus where it should have been all along. Back on going to church. And it was amazing. I needed that.

This world has become more and more confusing. I blame the Presidential election for much of the confusion, but I also blame just being busy. Everyone trying to cover way too many bases at one time. I need to be in three places at once.

But in that hour. I needed to be only in that one place, focused on what is truly most important.

I left church feeling much more peaceful that I have in awhile. I left feeling somewhat ashamed that I’d been so absent for so long… failing to make it the priority it should be. I left vowing to come back as soon as I can. No more going months on end without attending church. No more losing that focus.