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Last week, a friend mentioned having had their laptop stolen awhile back. My heart stopped in fear FOR them. I’m that paranoid person who leaves home for work and splits up her laptop from the power cord (after reading it makes it less interesting to thieves because a laptop without power is worthless.) My life is on my laptop. Photos. Finances. Business programs. Everything. Losing my laptop… I couldn’t even…

Then Saturday, it happened. I asked my laptop to do too much. Or something. It crashed. It locked up, wouldn’t do anything, and I did what I always do: a hard reboot.

But nothing happened.

So I rebooted again.

Finally it went into a self-repair. That worked last time! Instead, I got, “I can’t fix myself. Get help.”

No. No no no no no. NoNoNoNoNoNoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

So Sunday, when I was supposed to be getting ready to go to a Super Bowl party, I was at Best Buy praying the Geek Squad could save me.

They tried. But they couldn’t even get into the diagnostics. Prognosis: she’s dead, captain. There’s no saving something that they can’t even read to save. S-O-L. Done. R.I.P.

I looked at my husband who just went, “Let’s go find you a new one.”

And we did. Got a GREAT deal on a new laptop. It’s faster. All fresh, clean hard drive. And it has a great graphics card for photo editing that I didn’t even realize I was missing prior to this. Oh and its HUGE. When everyone is going smaller, I went bigger. This will be awesome for photo editing while traveling.

I got lucky on one front. I was sick all week last week. (Hence being so MIA on Social Media and the blog last week.)  I generally keep my laptop hooked up to an external hard drive that constantly backs up new files, but being sick I took the laptop to the couch with me. But even with THAT, I was only on the computer for about two days total last week. So I literally only lost 8 photos. That’s it. Oh and maybe one PDF copy of paying a bill. Otherwise, everything was backed up.

AND I finally delved into using “the cloud” so I could sync things between my laptop, cell phone and iPad. I knew it was awesome for that. I had no idea how it would save me on this front. I installed my web browser. Logged into my account. And ta da! All my stuff was there. Bookmarks. Passwords. Etc.

2014-02-05 14.43.2

I have never had to start from fresh on a laptop before where I didn’t have an old laptop to refer to find things. It’s always been a case of transferring files. Trying to remember passwords. Looking for links. I was freaked out that it would not only take days to get back to where I was, I might not be back up and running for MONTHS.

Instead? It look about an hour. And I’m slowly transferring “must have” files from the external drive to the laptop, but I am being very picky what I transfer, allowing me to keep this new computer cleaner longer.

So. Who knew? A computer crash ending pretty positive? Never would have thought that, but that’s what’s happened! Taking it all in stride and realizing it is what it is. I still fear having my computer stolen, but at least now I know… its possible to get back on your feet fairly quickly.  WHEW!


I’m ba-ack! I was MIA the end of last week as I set up my new laptop. I am TICKLED with it, and so thankful to have it!

I am almost completely transferred over from the old laptop. I’m already so amazed how I no longer get “Not responding” messages, how I can unplug it and it doesn’t die within five minutes, and I can run multiple programs at the same time with no lag!

There’s only one bad thing.

My Photoshop program is incompatible.

Talk about a sick feeling the two times I tried to load it without success. I think I even broke out into a cold sweat for awhile. I might have even paced. And whined. Perhaps a tear was shed.

My point is: I love Photoshop and will not use an inferior program.

My problem: I don’t have $600.

My solution: Taking it old school. Saving bartending money, etc. bit by bit until I have the needed amount. Until then, I’ve downloaded a trial version of Lightroom, so I can see if it interests me. It does! I like what it does! I’m just so stinkin’ LOST using it. I miss my Photoshop!!

I have a goal of some day saving up to have both Lightroom and Photoshop CS5. But for now, my focus is on getting the money together for Photoshop. I need it. I want it. I WILL HAVE IT.

But in the mean time, I am totally enjoying my new laptop. I’ll do my page design stuff on my (ugh) old laptop. Perhaps if I uninstall some of my other RAM hogging programs it’ll run a little better. We’ll see. I’ll make it work! I am determined… I’m finally upgrading into this decade of technology!

I have only one word for it:


Of course if anyone ever wanted to just give me a copy of Photoshop and/or Lightroom I wouldn’t decline…

  Hey, I had to try!