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Saturday night ghost stories

My schedule is irregular enough that the only shows I watch semi-regularly are ones I don’t have to see every week to follow any sort of storyline. I have certain nights I like better than others, but if I’m not home to see something, its not a big deal.

Saturday night is one of those nights that I actually like to watch TV. Yeah, yeah, yeah… its the night to go out for most people. For me, I tend to avoid downtown Nashville on Saturdays. I prefer to go out on weeknights,so good TV is a must for me on that night.

Biography channel shows ghost story shows on Saturday nights. And I’m pretty addicted. I think I’ve seen every episode of every show they have on that night, but I don’t care. I still tune in to get that creeped out rush that you get from spooky stories.

I read ghost books as a teen, and I still get a total kick out of them. I don’t really want to meet a ghost personally (I do believe they exist, though, and I’ve had a few “weird” things happen), but hearing/reading the stories of those who HAVE? Its kind of like crack to me. It hooked.

I get that weird tingle in the back of my neck that will go down my spine, leaving me with goosebumps all over my arms. Then I go to bed and cover my head, kicking myself for watching such nonsense. But it never fails. If I am home on Saturday night, I am tuned into Bio, freaking myself out.

But, like I said, I think I’ve seen every episode they have at this point. So here it is Saturday night. I’m tuned in to Bio, and I am wondering… do any of my readers have a good ghost story to share with me??

Upcoming TV viewing

Due to a serious lack of inspiration, I thought I’d share a short list of things I am looking forward to watching on TV. Especially because in the grand scheme of things… I really don’t watch much TV.

Texas A&M vs Baylor — Battle of the Brazos

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition — The episode where they build the school here in Nashville! Can’t wait after having driven down the interstate and I saw it being built. SO COOL!

Backstory: Rascal Flatts — I am 99% sure this is the special that SHOULD feature a few of my photos taken of the Fiddle & Steel. *happy dances in excitement*

Throwdown with Bobby Flay — Bobby vs. Pioneer Women. I’ve only just recently discovered PW, and I’m already in love with it. So I seriously can’t wait to see this one.

Other shows I am addicted to: (yes I said I don’t watch much TV… must you be such a stickler for details?)

Ghost Hunters — Just because its FUN

Paranormal State — Just because its FUN

Undercover Boss — Seriously, if you haven’t watched this show, you are missing out big time. Gives me so much hope!

Chopped — Because sometimes I pretend I can cook like a real chef.

What Not to Wear — Everyone woman should watch this show. Don’t roll your eyes. They make great points, make big changes for people, and I’ve learned a lot about fashion from them.

Hoarders & Intervention — Guilty pleasures that make me more aware of all sorts of things.

Pawn Stars & American Pickers — It’s like Antiques Roadshow on steroids. Or Crack. It depends on the episode.

Past all of these shows… anything is fair game. News. Family Guy. Anything. Just don’t ask me to get addicted to a show that makes me watch EVERY week to keep up with the story line. I just don’t have that kind of time or patience.

What’s on your TV-list?