Dreary day

Today has been one of those days where you just want to pull the covers back over your head and NOT get out of bed. The only difference between today and other days like this is the fact that… that’s exactly what I did.

See, I had a great time last night at the tree decorating party, and I came home riding a high from that. But then once I got into bed, snuggled down to sleep, the brain clicked into the “On” position and would not shut off. So I laid awake until well into the morning, before my exhausted body took over my brain and wrestled it into sleep mode.

I then proceeded to just not want to get up… especially since I found out (thankfully!) I’ll be working tonight. So while most people settle in for a cold, wet night at home, I’ll be heading off to work. Kinda like how when everyone was going in for a cold, we DAY at work, I was settling in to go to sleep.

Yes, I live my life backwards from everyone else some times. Not always, but sometimes. And today was one of those days.

Someone have a cup of hot chocolate by the fire for me tonight!! I took a nap for everyone else today.

The party you wait all year for…

Crown ornament
My Crown ornament in 2009.

There are days in the year that you wait all year long to arrive. Birthdays. Christmas. Maybe a certain sporting event. Prom for those in high school. Your wedding anniversary.

Well, crazy as it might sound to most people, I look forward to the tree decorating party I’m attending tonight. I wait all year long for this night, because its crazy-good fun.

The bar in downtown Nashville that I sometimes work at, other times just go to so much that it is my second home here, has a tree decorating party every year. Only the closest regulars are invited to attend. (Similarly, we have a Christmas party, which I also look forward to every year… but the decorating party is simply “off the hook.”) You come, preferably, with the little bottles of liquor you get at the register at a liquor store. Then, when you arrive at the party, you drink your ornament.

Drink your little bottle of liquor. Or perhaps a can of beer. Then, with the decorating items (often provided by fellow-regulars,) you decorate your bottles and cans. Glitter flies. Stockings are hung. Lights are strung up around the stage. The bar turns into a Christmas wonderland fit for Santa after a hard day of work with the elves.

One year, we hung a Bud Light sign over the top of the tree as its “star.” We have ‘Reinbeer” and Patron bottles decorated as angels. It’s all in good fun, and you’re guaranteed to go home with glue and glitter in your hair. If you leave NOT in the Christmas spirit, its your own darn fault. You can’t spend an evening surrounded by friends, hanging Christmas decorations, and not feel that spirit start to grow deep down inside.

I can’t wait. Is it time to go, yet? Bring on the glue gun!