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At the hop

January 14th, 2013 1 comment

 You can rock it you can roll it
Do the stomp and even stroll it
At the hop...

Saturday night, the bar where I work had a Sock Hop in honor of the couple that has pretty much adopted all of us transplants to Nashville who call that bar our second home. They both were turning 55 within days of each other, and, as such, we celebrated with a Sock Hop!


I’ll be honest, when the idea first came up months ago, I went, “Uh… huh. Right. A sock hop.” Too bad I wasn’t still in elementary school, when I regularly rocked a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. (No really, I did! I just don’t have a picture here to share of that… darn it.) But alas, I no longer had that outfit, and I was baffled what I would do to dress ’50s style. So, I have to admit, I kind of ignored that it was going to happen at all.

I briefly planned to get my mom to help me make a poodle skirt while I was home for Christmas, but really… really? Who has time to add MORE to the Christmas festivities!? That didn’t happen.

Before I knew it, I had only a few days to get my outfit together. A friend mentioned that there were vintage stores around town, so I decided to Google “vintage stores Nashville.” That search eventually led me to Hip Zipper, a vintage store in East Nashville. I seriously fell in love with this store. GREAT vintage items at excellent prices (in my opinion)… and everything is of quality.  I will DEFINITELY be back.

I scored a grey skirt and a cuuuute pink sweater/shrug to wear. I paired that with a pink and a white tank top, a necklace that was my grandmother’s, a headband I bought years ago from Victoria’s Secret (but had never worn!), bright red lipstick and my hair in a mess of curls. A friend in the middle of the evening loaned me a pair of cat-eye glasses. I think I looked awesome:


I have to admit, this just sparked a deep down love for everything 50s for me. It’s made me want to go in that direction a bit more style-wise. I feel a little bad for my Pinterest followers the last few days being inundated with cute 50s dresses that I love and want now.

Anyway, I ended up having an absolute blast! I worked hard (my legs let me know all night long that I wore unsupportive shoes!), but also had the opportunity to play a little bit here and there, too. The night was filled primarily with regulars and “family” who came to wish the couple a Happy Birthday.

We did get a quick photo of all the ladies that usually work behind the bar… I so love this photo.


I don’t just see a group of bartenders and friends here… I see smart, strong, successful women. All amazing in their own rights and in their own ways. They each inspire me, and to get this shot on such a fun night… just makes me SO happy.

In fact, that being said… I went into the evening a bit leery. I really did. But in the end, I found myself smiling from ear to ear to see all these people — all these successful adults — let their hair down, travel back in time to when life was simpler, and just have FUN.


I remember in high school, you’d find yourself compelled to “act like an adult” and I remember even Halloween being snubbed as “childish” and “silly.” Its funny how its taken growing up to realize that sometimes, acting like an adult means knowing exactly when NOT to take yourself so seriously. It’s knowing when and how to enjoy yourself and the people around you. Especially at the hop.

Crazy family photo

December 11th, 2012 No comments

A few years ago, we started taking a “family photo” at the bar Christmas party. Over the years, its had to become two photos that I later Photoshop together. This year, I even had to Photoshop myself into it.

Ahhh…. good times and precious memories with a great group of friends.

A very *hiccup* Merry Christmas tradition

November 26th, 2012 No comments


I look forward to this night and every year. It’s the Fiddle & Steel tree decorating party soon.

It’s a little gathering all the Fiddle family. We all bring in little bottles of booze — the kind you get on an airplane — and we make our own decorations. Well, you drink your ornament. By the end of the night we’re all a bit decorated ourselves, and the bar looks beautiful.

It has very little to do with the drinking; it’s about the camaraderie. It’s the laughter and memories. Its watching badass guys pull out a glue gun to decorate a little bottle of Crown or Jack. It’s the ladies helping hang stockings on the edge of the stage. It’s knowing that for the rest of the year there will be a gentle pretty glow to come see every night together with our friends who are more like family.

I love this night! I better get back to decorating…

Learning how unreal it is…

January 5th, 2012 1 comment

Two shows I really like are Restaurant: Impossible and Bar Rescue. Its fascinating to see how transformations made to the establishments make such a huge difference, and I’ve picked up a few tips here there that I’ve tried to apply to my own working in a bar.

But you ever notice how perfect the people always still look after hours of work? Ever notice how the work gets done in that super short period of time? I’ve always thrown the BS flag at that, wishing they’d show better how big of a crew they actually have doing the work.

This week, we’ve been working every day down at the bar doing the yearly cleaning and maintenance. Every year, the bar has closed the first week of January to make changes or just to do a deeper cleaning than we have time to do on a regular basis. Its a great way, in my opinion, to kick off a new year.

We’ve been painting. Building. Cleaning. Straightening. Painting…

It’s a lot dirty and harder work than they make it look on TV!! We’re sore. My jeans are an awesome multi-colored set with black and red paint all over them. Last night, we were covered in dust and dirt from just cleaning areas that get left through the year.

It’s hard work. But it is so very satisfying. Its awesome to look around and see the work you’ve done. The soreness is a good kind of sore.

And its that positive reality I wish they’d show on these shows. Everyone isn’t all pretty with perfect hair and make-up while they work. Everyone has broken nails, stained clothes, and their arms and backs ache. It’s a good thing. It’s not something to hide for TV! Show me how hard it is. Show me how very, very satisfying it is.

A family like some have never known

November 23rd, 2011 No comments

*Photo taken with my camera by Rose Jonas*

Most of my Nashville Family in one photo. Celebrating 15 years of our “home away from home.” A family that began in 1996 and has grown over time. SO thankful to call all of these people friends.

The party you wait all year for…

November 29th, 2010 2 comments
Crown ornament

My Crown ornament in 2009.

There are days in the year that you wait all year long to arrive. Birthdays. Christmas. Maybe a certain sporting event. Prom for those in high school. Your wedding anniversary.

Well, crazy as it might sound to most people, I look forward to the tree decorating party I’m attending tonight. I wait all year long for this night, because its crazy-good fun.

The bar in downtown Nashville that I sometimes work at, other times just go to so much that it is my second home here, has a tree decorating party every year. Only the closest regulars are invited to attend. (Similarly, we have a Christmas party, which I also look forward to every year… but the decorating party is simply “off the hook.”) You come, preferably, with the little bottles of liquor you get at the register at a liquor store. Then, when you arrive at the party, you drink your ornament.

Drink your little bottle of liquor. Or perhaps a can of beer. Then, with the decorating items (often provided by fellow-regulars,) you decorate your bottles and cans. Glitter flies. Stockings are hung. Lights are strung up around the stage. The bar turns into a Christmas wonderland fit for Santa after a hard day of work with the elves.

One year, we hung a Bud Light sign over the top of the tree as its “star.” We have ‘Reinbeer” and Patron bottles decorated as angels. It’s all in good fun, and you’re guaranteed to go home with glue and glitter in your hair. If you leave NOT in the Christmas spirit, its your own darn fault. You can’t spend an evening surrounded by friends, hanging Christmas decorations, and not feel that spirit start to grow deep down inside.

I can’t wait. Is it time to go, yet? Bring on the glue gun!