Stages of life

Yesterday was the first day of school for most schools in Texas. (School started here in Tennessee a couple weeks ago.) Being from Texas, over half of my friends on Facebook are old friends and classmates there. Its the thing I love about Facebook: keeping up with old friends.

I was amazed how many of my classmates from high school had kids starting Kindergarten! Post after post after post of “first day of school” photos on my wall. I loved it, but it also made me sit back and really ponder stages of life.

Just last night, we had friends over for dinner and visiting. I had one of those moments that made me take stock of life. Sometimes, I wonder what its going to be like to “grow up.”

Despite being married over five years. Despite having a home of my own, paying my bills, going to work, etc. I still feel young! I AM young! I’m an adult making adult decisions, but I still feel young. But last night, hosting friends, I had a moment of, “This is my house. This is my life. I am an adult. Wow.”

Then I sat down at my laptop and saw so many classmates sending their kids off to school. And once again, I had to look at life. We’re the same age, but we are definitely at different stages of life. It doesn’t make them “older” or “more mature” than I am. They’re just on a different path, and I am SO happy for them.

The grass is not greener on their side. It’s not greener on my side. It’s all about living our own lives our own ways: and that right there is what make us all adults. To me, we are all still so young, but we are also all grown up taking each stage of life at our own paces.

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  1. “Comparisons are onerous.” :) Many of my friends from school days have 2+ kids. However, all of my really super-duper close friends don’t have any kids or aren’t even married yet. It seems in terms of getting pregnant that couples either get pregnant on accident or it takes them years to have a baby. A select few that I know of were able to do it by trying 3months or less (on purpose). I have always said, and will probably always say that if a person isn’t ready to be a parent, then by all means do not become a parent. It’s one of the hardest, most difficult, challenging, money draining things to do. Despite that, I really, really, really want to be a mom. I want to be someone’s everything for awhile. I have it in me to give, and a baby would be lucky to have us as parents. Lots of parents simply don’t have the time or the money or the intrinsic knowledge of bonding with baby to do a very good job. As a teacher, sadly, I’ve seen more negative parenting than positive. Everytime I saw the positive parents, I tried to do something or say something to help them know they’re doing a great job and are raising a wonderful kid. Everyone needs that reassurance now and then. If you decide to go the parent route, you’ll make a fabulous mom! And if you decide it’s not for you, then that’s okay. You’re perfect the way you are!

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