#DrinkUpLinkUp — Candy Cane Vodka

Something a little different for #DrinkUpLinkUp! I made my own Candy Cane Vodka. Oh okay, I didn’t MAKE the vodka, I infused it with candy canes. It just sounds more daring to say I made it and leave it at that.

 Candy Cane Vodka

I wanted to surprise my co-workers with something special… something handmade. I noticed infusing your own vodka on Pinterest, and I figured it was perfect for my fellow Saturday-night bartenders. So I set out to make it happen.

I used this site to help me out. (Betty Crocker site… who knew Betty was a drinker!? hehe)

Candy canes purchased. Handle of vodka purchased. Glass jars had been collected over time. Here we go…


I was pretty surprised the candy canes all dissolved within a couple hours, but I let it sit over a week nonetheless. Then the fun of filtering using a coffee filter. THAT was the most difficult part, simply due to how slow it went. But it made a HUGE difference. The vodka went from cloudy to a clear pink. So pretty!

My addiction to Parrot Bay rum this last summer netted me two pretty bottles to put the vodka in. I painted the tops and made a label.

Candy Cane Vodka

For anyone curious… its yummy! Definitely drink it chilled – which I don’t know anyone who drinks vodka any other way. But warm its a little like, well, Scope. lol But chilled, it just tastes like liquid candy canes. SO YUM. I’m going to try Skittles next time I infuse vodka… mmm…


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  1. I’ve been wanting to make my own cinnamon “hot” vodka or whiskey… just may have to try it when they bring out the Red Hots soon for Valentine’s Day. :)

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