Wrapping up the week

It’s been a full week, and I haven’t had much chance to blog. So just a few thoughts for the week:

1. Had a lovely time with my parents earlier this week. Always sad to see them leave… But we all have things to do so we can get together again soon! Photos from our trip to Arrington Vineyards will be in Photo Share this weekend. But here is one that everyone loved that I posted on Instagram.

2. The other day, I took my husband to the doctor…. for allergy/sinus issues. That’s MY department, not his!! He got diagnosed with bronchitis… I was worried about pneumonia, to be honest. But luckily it hadn’t gotten that bad yet. So here’s to him feeling better soon!

3. I was a homemaker on speed yesterday! LOL! I did all the laundry, cleaned house, made a big supper, etc. I was worn out when bed time came!! But it was nice to start settling back into my own house after being gone so long. Still a lot to do, but I made a huge dent in the work to be done.

4. So I saw on the news yesterday, that parents are spending on average $1139 on their kids proms this year. $1139!??! What? I did a very generous estimate for when I went to prom, and including gas to and from it cost MAYBE — MAYBE — $200 for me. Granted that was almost 15 years ago, but still. That’s ridiculous! What did you spend on prom? If you have teenagers, what’s it costing you?

5. Rest in Peace, George Jones.

09.13.2011 -- George Jones 80th Birthday Party at the Grand Ole Opry
09.13.2011 — George Jones 80th Birthday Party at the Grand Ole Opry

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  1. I know I posted on Twitter, but my Jr Prom was much more expensive than my Sr Prom. Jr Prom involved a limo with friends that drove us to Pappadeaux’s in Austin for dinner and back. Since my date was from out of town, I paid for his part of the limo and for his dinner. It was around $325, including tickets to the dance. Sr Prom involved my dress and hair (around $180). I didn’t even like my hair for Sr Prom, but I didn’t have time to wash it and redo it myself. Oh well. LOL Our moms were MORE THAN HAPPY to document everything for Jr Prom. I’m sure Julie still has the VHS tape of it all. ;-)

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