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Wrapping up the week

It’s been a full week, and I haven’t had much chance to blog. So just a few thoughts for the week:

1. Had a lovely time with my parents earlier this week. Always sad to see them leave… But we all have things to do so we can get together again soon! Photos from our trip to Arrington Vineyards will be in Photo Share this weekend. But here is one that everyone loved that I posted on Instagram.

2. The other day, I took my husband to the doctor…. for allergy/sinus issues. That’s MY department, not his!! He got diagnosed with bronchitis… I was worried about pneumonia, to be honest. But luckily it hadn’t gotten that bad yet. So here’s to him feeling better soon!

3. I was a homemaker on speed yesterday! LOL! I did all the laundry, cleaned house, made a big supper, etc. I was worn out when bed time came!! But it was nice to start settling back into my own house after being gone so long. Still a lot to do, but I made a huge dent in the work to be done.

4. So I saw on the news yesterday, that parents are spending on average $1139 on their kids proms this year. $1139!??! What? I did a very generous estimate for when I went to prom, and including gas to and from it cost MAYBE — MAYBE — $200 for me. Granted that was almost 15 years ago, but still. That’s ridiculous! What did you spend on prom? If you have teenagers, what’s it costing you?

5. Rest in Peace, George Jones.

09.13.2011 -- George Jones 80th Birthday Party at the Grand Ole Opry
09.13.2011 — George Jones 80th Birthday Party at the Grand Ole Opry

40 Years

40 years ago, a young woman and a young man were on the threshold of the biggest day of their lives. She was 18. He was 20. They were getting married the next day. She got her ring as a high school graduation gift. They planned their wedding in a short 4 months time.

By today’s standards, most would probably say they wouldn’t stand a chance.

On October 9, 1971, in a little country church, they said their wedding vows in front of family, friends and God. Promising to love, honor and cherish. In sickness and in health.

You may now kiss the bride.

They cut the cake. They danced their first dance. And they embarked on a life that held… who knew what.

There would be multiple homes and multiple jobs. Eventually a son and then, later, a daughter. There would be sickness. There would be health. There would be the loss of family as age and time took them away. There would be embarking on dreams, making them come true. A family business that would thrive… a husband and wife team not only at home but in the work that they do. There would be weddings of that son and that daughter. A grandson. Then a granddaughter. Faith in God and in each other… and a constant deep friendship and love would carry them through.

Tomorrow, my mom and dad will celebrate 40 years of marriage. I am SO proud to call them Mom and Dad… they are an inspiration and a source of strength. I look to them for guidance in my own marriage. They are amazing role models.

40 years is a rare milestone today, but they’ve made it. They’ve kept those sacred vows said solemnly so many years ago.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Wish I could be there to celebrate with you…
but we will make it up big time the next time I am there.