Mirror in front of your face

DecorativeEver notice its easy to give people advice, but its difficult to give yourself that advice? To me, that’s the fundamental basis of gossip… we’re always judge, jury and therapist for everyone else, to their face or behind their back.

But even when our own lives are a little off kilter — be it a big issue or a tiny one — it can be really hard to see it, much less know how to fix it! And while everyone else is judging what we should do, we just keep going the way we’re going… unable to give ourselves the same advice we’d be happy to give someone else.

Sometimes, though, life has a way of putting a mirror in front of your face. As you listen to someone vent about an issue they are dealing with, you start to hear your own voice instead. Their rant becomes the one you’ve heard in your own head, but just ignored… shushed, unwilling to give it any sort of power. Suddenly, as you feel compelled to give the other person advice, you realize that maybe, just maybe, you should be listening yourself.

Life has a funny way of putting a mirror in front of your face at just the right time. The challenge, though, is to look into that mirror, to REALLY look in it, and do what you need to do to fix what you see.

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