#DrinkUpLinkUp — Sea Dog Wild Blueberry

It’s been awhile since I did a #DrinkUpLinkUp… Today, I feature something I tried a couple weeks ago already: Sea Dog Wild Blueberry.

 Sea Dog Wild Blueberry

I love wheat beer. It’s my go-to beer. I especially love fruit wheat beers. So, when I saw Sea Dog Wild Blueberry on a menu, I got excited that it would be delicious.

I wasn’t a big fan. I did have two bottles in hopes I’d like it better the second time. I didn’t.

And I hate that! Its an award winning beer! (2008, Gold Fruit Beer San Diego County Fair; 2007, 2008, 2009 Bronze Fruit Beer Australian Brewers Festival; 2007, 1st Place Fruit Beer California Brewers Festival; 2007, Silver Fruit Beer World Beer Championships) Reading other review sites, its a much-loved beer with beer lovers. Maybe I just had TOO high of an expectation. However, it isn’t one I’m going to seek out again in the future.




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