#DrinkUpLinkUp — Yazoo Rye Saison

In keeping with the CMA Fest theme this week, I thought I’d feature a brew straight from Music City.

Nashville has several local breweries, but the best known one is probably Yazoo Brewery. They make a wide range of beers, many of which have as many fans as many of the country artists that fans are here to see this week.

I just the other day discovered a new favorite Yazoo brew:

 205: Yazoo Saison

Last week, my husband and I ended up at the Flying Saucer, where they had certain beers available that they were donating all sales to Oklahoma tornado relief. Yazoo Rye Saison was one of those beers.

I had never tried it, so I ordered one both out of curiosity as well as for a good cause. I knew nothing of what a “rye saison” was… but I discovered a beer I REALLY liked. (Enough to buy some a few days later when we grilled out at our house!)

The Yazoo Rye Saison is their spring seasonal, which features “Belgian saison yeast, to be pitched into a sweet concoction of pale, vienna, wheat, and rye malts. There, it will ferment at unbelieveably high temperatures (95 F instead of our usual 68 F) until the beer is infused with peppery aromas and a wonderful juicy-fruit tartness.” source

It has SO much going on as you drink it, and yet its definitely a beer for days that are getting warmer. Fruity, peppery, smooth… I thoroughly enjoyed it for our backyard barbecue. Yummy goodness indeed.