Mailed greetings

Christmas cardsI’ve been thinking a lot about things I’d like to do over the course of this next year — everything from life goals to little changes.

One little change is to do more mailed greetings. Random letters and cards to friends. It always  makes me smile to get something in the mail from a friend, and I’d like to do that for friends myself.

Last night, I filled out our Christmas cards. They’ll hit the mail today!

The cards gave me a chance to really reflect on the relationships in my life. Friends I haven’t seen in a long time, but that I look forward to corresponding with at Christmas. A few names were removed from the list due to death or just distance that has become too much. Other names added as new friends are made. I ended up doing a “look back at the past year” as each address was placed on each card.

Email is quick, but I’ll admit emails tend to get left for days in my inbox. Facebook messages are quick, but Facebook has eaten many of my messages over time. I will admit the USPS isn’t the most reliable service at times, but it still gets my attention when a card or letter comes… especially if its from a friend or family member.

So it takes time to go the mailbox. It takes time to go buy stamps. (Which, I ordered my Christmas stamps online this year… so easy and arrived about the same time my cards did! Perfect!) But its time that will mean a lot to the person receiving the letter or card. And that makes that time worth it.

I hope everyone likes our cards, and I can’t wait to get more cards in the mail myself! Let the stroll through the past year continue, while I look to make a new goal of writing more in the new year.

 Christmas cards

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  1. We are of one mind, seriously. LOL I found a stack (STACK!) of packages of cute blank note cards today. I vowed then and there to do a send-a-card-a-week challenge for 2014. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but then I read this post. LOL I have easily 100 cards, so if I sent out 52, I’ll still have another stack. ;-) Want to do it, too? I want to send a card to someone each week. :)

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