#DrinkUpLinkUp – Make your own ornament!

Every Christmas season, there’s a night I look forward to more than most… the tree decorating party at the bar! This past Monday was the 2013 edition of the fun night.  The concept is easy… go buy airplane bottles of your favorite liquor, drink it, and then decorate the bottle. Ta da!… a Christmas ornament!

You can keep it simple:

Tree decorating party

You can get complex:

Tree decorating party

Beer cans work great as well:

Tree decorating party

And we’ve found that Patron bottles are particularly fun:

Tree decorating party

Red Bull gives you wings, so how about an angel?

Tree decorating party

It doesn’t even have to be an ornament… make just some great decorations:

Tree decorating party

 Needless to say, its a super fun night, and it amazing to see how creative your friends are when given liquor and a glue gun. So maybe someday when you want to put a twist on your Christmas party, turn it into a decorating party, and let the fun — and drinking — begin!


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