I’m a social media junkie.

There, I said it.

Actually, I’m a media junkie in general. I like knowing what is going on in the world, in my town, in my circle of friends…

But over the last week? Black out. Moving resulted in being without cable or internet for almost a week. That wasn’t too awful considering how busy I was anyway. But I didn’t even know there was a partial solar eclipse until after it happened! Heck, I’m not even sure what happened in the world of football for the last two weekends. Weird.

Even weirder? I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been kind of nice to be oblivious. I’ve been stressed with moving and things in my personal world, sure, but as a result I think I’ve been more at peace with the world outside my bubble.

I’ll be dipping my toe back into media and social media more and more in the days to come, as I set up my home office and things get back to normal. But rest assured, I’m going to start taking more media hiatus periods for my own mental state. Perhaps I should have started long ago…