This is the fun part

It’s become our mantra as well as my favorite hashtag on Twitter. “This is the fun part!”

Sometimes is said ironically or sarcastically. Other times it’s said with genuine enthusiasm.

We are talking about settling into our house. We painted. We’re putting furniture in place. We are tweaking it to our preferences. We are making it our home.

We have a long way to go, but every day we do something. My goal of being fully settled by Christmas is totally doable as this rate.

It’s been something of a running joke, “Now it’s officially our home!” as certain things have happened. A friend said it was when our dining room table was set up. I joked it was when I stocked the bathrooms with toilet paper. I’m curious what other people would say is the moment a house becomes their home.

But this is without a doubt the fun part. I can’t wait to hang pictures and finish placing all our stuff where it goes. I find myself keeping everything cleaner than ever before, and I realize my mindset is definitely night and day different as a home owner versus a renter. It kind of fascinates me about myself. And I can’t wait to delve further into that… I’m curious is anyone else has experienced this, though. It’s always fun to set up your home, but this time… It’s much more fun than normal.

One thought on “This is the fun part”

  1. I have a friend whose family was military. She told me once that the first thing her mom did was to set up everyone’s bed and put the curtains up in each room. That meant home to her. I think when you can sit in each room and meditate quietly and have that good feeling in your heart, then it is home.

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