Dear Mom…

Dear Mom,

Happy Mothers Day!! As you know, this day snuck up on me this year. It never registered with me that since May 1st was a Sunday, it meant this is the earliest date Mothers Day can land. 

Never. Registered.

As such, I’m sitting here 800 miles away having not mailed a card, gotten a gift, etc 

I guess looking ahead to special dates like this are something I still haven’t properly learned from you. I can always rely on you to remember special holidays and dates, and I don’t say thanks for that enough. But thank you…

Thank you for more things than I could ever say or write. 

As we get older, we find our parents to not only be our parents, but also our friends. And I don’t know what I’d do without your friendship… But at the end of the day, you’re my MOM, which carries so much more weight and meaning.

You are a confidant, advisor and comforter. I turn to you for support, in laughter, in tears, and for your unwavering and unconditional love.

Thank you. Thank you for always being here. 

I have learned so much from you, and I continue to learn everyday. I am absolutely who I am today thanks to you (and Dad.) I look forward to our daily talks that just complete my day — whether we talk late or early. I love how we can talk for hours on end. I love that you are my Mom… and my friend.

So as I sit here so far away, wallowing in my lack of preparedness, know you ar right here with me in my heart, in my actions, in my thoughts, and in my prayers — no matter what day it is. As such, too, I am with you in spirit. I love you, Mom, and thank you feels inadequate. But… Thank you. You mean the world to me… Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️💕💖

Love always…