Family-like friends

Living 800+ miles away from family, I rely on my friends here in Nashville heavily for a support system. Many have become like family to me… all of us to each other.

Last night, we all went on a little field trip to the Wilson County Fair. This has become a yearly tradition (Monday night of the fair), but this year was extra special because my husband’s artist was headlining the show that night. After the show, as many of us as was left after the show (some had to leave early) gathered to take a picture together. I love this shot… makes my heart so happy.


Many, many thanks to one of my husband’s band mates for offering to take the shot for us so I could be in it, too.

Weekly Winners (August 11 – 17)

Started by the lovely Lotus, Weekly Winners is a fun little thing bloggers do to showcase some of their favorite photos from the previous week.

Visit Lotus’ site and check out her various entries, and find other participants. See some amazing photos brought to you by bloggers around the world. Leave a little love when you do — its like food for the soul!


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My husband and I went on a road trip last weekend, and I always intended to do a “ride report” about it. I never got around to it, so those photos are included here.

Land Between the Lakes
Out on the open road… headed to Land Between the Lakes.
277: On the bike
Leaning into the curve.
On the bike
The road goes on forever…
Signs of fall
Signs of fall are starting to show.
Lighthouse Landing
Lighthouse Landing
Flag in the wind.
Patti's 1880s Settlement
Patti’s 1880s Settlement is famous for their 2 inch thick pork chop. My husband are the whole thing!
See Rock City
Taken in misty rain from the back of the bike… but I love the Rock City barns.
Train tracks
Railroad switch.
282: Mad Housewife
Yes, please.


Random things about me

Today’s Daily Health challenge is to get to know things about someone you are already very close to… random little things you might not know but that will help you feel even closer to that person by knowing.

So it got me thinking… What are some random things people might not know about me. And off I went… random things you might not care anything about but find interesting nonetheless…

1. I was a photographer for my high school yearbook my senior year. I got a crash course in using the school cameras before being let loose with one.

2. That’s still the most photography training I’ve ever had.

128: I see through the lens

3. I have to at least wear foundation when I leave the house.  Even if its just to get gas, I’ll grab my makeup kit before leaving to freshen up.

4. I used to sneak food into class in school. Everything from power bars to pastries to candy to sandwiches. I only got busted once.

5. I hate driving cars. I’ve driven trucks so long that cars wig me out. (Thankfully, we really do legitimately need a pick-up truck to haul gear.)

6. I didn’t learn how to ride a bicycle until around junior high age.

7. I hate green peas alone, but I’ll eat them in foods like casseroles or cold salads.

8. Similarly,  I hate coconut, but recently I have been on a coconut rum kick.

9. I almost always have painted toenails. If they aren’t painted, they will be within 24 hours.

Red toenails

10. I hold myself more accountable than anyone else can. Example: if the books are off at work, I’ll lay awake stressing over it for days trying to figure out if its my fault.

11. I sleep in the middle of the bed in a cocoon of pillows when my husband is on the road.

12. I love silver jewelry. I only own a handful of pieces of what look “gold.”  Only two pair of earrings and a few necklaces.

13. My favorite piece of yellow gold jewelry is my Aggie ring.

14. My wedding set is white gold.

15. When someone asks me “what part of Texas are you from?” I say, “South of Waco.” Everyone has known of Waco since 1993.

Texas flag

16. I was once approached by a modeling company to come to an open call in San Antonio. I didn’t go (it didn’t fit my personality, though I was super flattered!), but now and then I wonder what would have happened if I had gone. It’s not a regret by any means! It’s simply a path not taken.

17. I like a clean house, but I don’t mind a cluttered office.  Much to my husband’s dismay.

18. I briefly considered majoring in psychology.

19. I love to cook but absolutely hate doing dishes.

20. I really love knowing more about others… won’t you share something random about yourself with me?

The wife of a touring musician tells it like she sees it…

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