#DrinkUpLinkUp — Liquor + Beer

Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, nothing to fear. Beer AND liquor together… yummy goodness!

Disagree with me on that? Well let me introduce you to some yummy goodness to show you what I mean.

My first beer + liquor was Mule Monday. (Also know as $#*@ Tuesday.)


What’s a mule you ask? (Besides the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.) A classic mule (Moscow Mule) is vodka, ginger beer and lime. (I like a touch a simple syrup to sweeten it just a bit.)  There are variations of it, though, that trade the vodka for bourbon, gin, Jägermeister (gross!), or Tequila. Believe it or not, my favorite is probably gin… and I’m not a gin fan.

This mixture of liquor and ginger beer is one delicious, refreshing drink that’ll sneak up on you fast as you gobble them up.

Then you have the beer margarita…

160: CoronaRita
Yeahhhh… that’s good stuff. There are many different variations on this delightful drink… but generally its a light beer (preferably a Mexican beer, of course), tequila and limeade. It’s pretty simple, really, but its a delicious take on the standard drink of a Mexican restaurant. (Oh and my husband and I like to have Margarita Monday with friends… Mondays are a good day to drink apparently.)

Now, a popular eating establishment has introduced beer can cocktails this summer. I won’t name the establishment since they aren’t paying me for the advertising… but its a color and a bird in the name.

215: Yummy drinkies

The Coors Light one actually tastes a lot like a mule, because it uses ginger vodka and lemonade. (See what they did there?) And the Blue Moon has clementine vodka, orange juice and lime juice so its actually a lot like a Blue Moon with an orange in it. Which I liked. I’ve also had Blue Moon topped with Grand Marnier. Yeah, once you do that, a plain ole orange is hard to settle for… Try a Landshark or Corona with white tequila and lime juice. Yum.

Oh there are lots of ways to mix liquor and beer into a yummy goodness drink. Boilermaker… Irish Car Bomb… etc.  But these are a few of my favorites. Especially for summer.

What are your favorites??


Making it happen Monday: Go where it takes you

Today’s Making it happen Monday come from 30,000 ft in the air as I am traveling to Texas for a busy week!


I have a few meetings for photography and web-site work. I’ve tried to get away from web-site design the last few years. I just haven’t felt like keeping up with the code changes and advances at the internet evolves. However, it’s the thing that just keeps coming back around to me. So I’ve given in and accepted maybe its what I should focus on more after all.

So here I am, going when the work is taking me, both creatively and geographically. With many connections in Texas, family and business-wise, I’m off to go where the work is.

When this country was growing, families traveled to settle lands to the west, where there was farming and mining to be done. They went where the work was… And even in this digital age, when the world is smaller than ever thanks to cell phones, email, internet, Skype, Facebook, etc. sometimes you still have to go where the work is to make a living and chase your dreams. Our ancestors were not stagnate, and neither should we.


The wife of a touring musician tells it like she sees it…

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