Five on Friday: Why my niece rocks


1. My niece is turning 12 years old today. She’s hitting that super fun age of being closer to being a young woman (which means more privileges all the time) but still totally a kid that equates to lots of fun left to be had. It’s a really awesome age.

2. It’s also a really awkward age, but she has a self confidence that shines. I have no doubt she deals with the many stresses we all had in junior high. It’s a cruel time for everyone at one point or another. But my niece lets her own personality shine through without wavering. She’s a goofball, and she isn’t going to apologize for it. And I LOVE that fact.

3. She was excited about going on vacation to go fishing. How many tween girls do you know that look forward to going fishing? Tell me that’s not one of the coolest things ever.

4. A sports powerhouse, she has serious softball skills. I was at the Nashville Sounds game the other night, and there were a few plays I found myself thinking, “My niece could have totally smoked that play better than all of y’all!” And you know… she could have. Also, I totally respect that she doesn’t have a specific team she roots for… she just loves a good game of softball. I love that she’ll rock an Alabama Crimson Tide baseball cap and then the next day run around in a Baylor Bears t-shirt. It’s about the game, not the team. And I admire that.

5. She is so full of love. I don’t need to say anything more. It says it all.

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!! I love you and hope you have an amazing day!!!


#DrinkUpLinkUp — Red Hook Wisecracker Wit

Wheat beer brewed with Ginger, but still digs Mary Ann.

I picked up a Red Hook Wisecracker Wit awhile back, when my husband and I did one of those, “make your own six packs” at the store. I finally got around to drinking it the other day.

 Red Hook -- Wise Cracker Wit

My favorite beer style is a wheat beer, and for a long time if it was a wheat beer I’d love it. Now, though, I’m a lot pickier about my wheat beers. I look for drink-ability first and foremost. (Duh!)  But beyond that, I want one that that stands out among the rest.

Red Hook Wisecracker Wit is high on the first, but middle of the pack with the last. This is a HIGHLY drinkable beer. I poured it into a glass, but I think it would be just as easy to drink from the bottle. (Wheat beers are meant to be enjoyed from a glass, in my opinion. Sometimes, though, that might not be an option.) I’d happily pack a six-pack for a day on a boat or for a backyard barbecue. It’s very easy to drink. Which could potentially be dangerous.

Red Hook -- Wise Cracker Wit

However, it didn’t really make me go, “WOW! This really stands out from the rest!” It just kind of runs middle of the pack of all the wheat beers I’ve had regarding uniqueness. Nothing really jumped out at me flavor-wise that made me stop and really analyze it.

Nonetheless, that’s nothing to stop me from having it again, though. I did enjoy it very much, and, like I said, it might just show up at a future barbecue in my cooler.


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