Limerick time

Today’s Me You Health Daily Challenge was to write a limerick. So in light of my last post:

There once was a girl who did blog
Whose inspiration got lost in the fog
So she threw her hands in the air
And said, “I couldn’t create on a dare!”
So she fed all her notes to her dog

I hope it made you chuckle… it did to me!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!!

I miss writing

I feel so bad that I’ve just let this blog go in a lot of ways lately. I’ve gone from writing every day to writing a couple days a week. And mostly? I’m just too tired by the end of the day to do it. It’s not a lack of things to write about, its literally just a lack of energy to use the brain power to write.

Tax season is over in two weeks. Which means its time to buckle down and knock it out. Most my mental and emotional energy is going towards that these days. It doesn’t even feel like Easter is this weekend. I have to keep reminding myself that its days away, and that I need to figure out what I am going to make to take to my brother’s house and if I am going to put some eggs together for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Last weekend, I got to see my husband! I really want to write a post just about it here, but I suspect my post for Road Widows will have to be the one that stands. It was so wonderful to see him, and we got to explore a small town and instantly be charmed by it.

Aggie Muster is 17 days away, and I feel like I am bullying people to come to it. But I am passionate about it, and I really want Aggies to be there! But I fear attendance is going to let me down, and if that happens I end up wondering if I’m going to have it in me to organize it again next year. (Oh I know I’ll do it. I figure I’ll do it until either I just absolutely can’t or until someone else demands the chance to do it.)

Stressing about bad weather across the country wears on me as well. Tornadoes break my heart, so even when I’m not affected directly by them, I worry and feel defeated by those strong winds.

All these things have left me just drained, which doesn’t exactly let the writing juices flow. I miss writing regularly! I hope that come May, perhaps that’ll happen. Until then, please have patience with me! I’m still here. I still care. I’m just brain mushy!

Weekly Winners (March 25 – 31)

Started by the lovely Lotus, Weekly Winners is a fun little thing bloggers do to showcase some of their favorite photos from the previous week.

Visit Lotus’ site and check out her various entries, and find other participants. See some amazing photos brought to you by bloggers around the world. Leave a little love when you do — its like food for the soul!


Photos taken using my Droid Razr or a Sony DSLR A230.
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Once again, I had a LOT of photos this week. So I had to do a Wordless Wednesday to break it down a little bit.

Other featured post this week:

Rudy's BBQ
Saw 'Em Off... SHORT

Bluebonnets reaching for the sky

Indian Paintbrushes & Bluebonnets
Indian Paintbrushes & Bluebonnets

137: Bluebonnets
State flower of Texas

140: Sunset through a rain soaked window
Sunset through a rain soaked window

Double rainbow
Double rainbow

Texas 21
Texas 21

Tchoupitoules - Crockett, Texas
Tchoupitoules - Crockett, Texas

Mary Allen Seminary - Crockett, Texas
Abandoned... Mary Allen Seminary - Crockett, Texas

Mary Allen Seminary - Crockett, Texas
Decaying... Mary Allen Seminary - Crockett, Texas

Mary Allen Seminary - Crockett, Texas
A peek inside

144: Mary Allen Seminary - Crockett, Texas
Mary Allen Seminary - Crockett, Texas


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