Rediscovering a love for music

I’ve grown terribly cynical about music in the last several years. That happens when you’re just close enough to the industry to realize it is often like beating your head against a brick wall over and over again. Amazing songs and singers are over looked every day for one reason or another.

I had a discussion on Twitter just today in which I begged someone to not judge the Nashville music scene based only on what they hear on the radio. The Nashville music scene is truly amazing if you’re willing to really delve into it. There are incredibly talented singers and songwriters working for tips — or for free sometimes — for the love of the music.

The music you love. The industry and business side can get frustrating.

As such, I’ve grown cynical. I spend much of my time listening to the radio by hitting seek or skip. Its never what I am looking for… even as I couldn’t begin to tell you what I want any more.

The TV in my room here in Texas went out a couple weeks ago. I turn it on, and within seconds it turns itself off. So no more late night TV watching. Instead, I’ve had to turn to music to fill the silence. Spotify has become a favorite program, and it’s let me start discovering that there’s still good music being made. And that my old favorites are still very much loved.

I spent about an hour just last night tinkering with a playlist. It reminded me of making mix CDs in college. I stopped often to dance around my room… just like I used to do. It felt GREAT. I was rediscovering my love for music! It was amazing. And I am grateful for it. Forget the industry. Forget the behind-the-scenes stuff. Just enjoy the music. Just let go and jam out.

That just needs one word: AWESOME.

Sometimes its impossible not to eavesdrop

Yesterday was another fly day for me. This time it was Nashville, TN to Austin, TX — via Houston, TX. I had one of those layovers where I didn’t get off the plane, since my flight was just continuing on to my final destination.

My first flight was no where near full. I don’t think there was a single row with more than two people in it — several with only one. It was an easy flight, and we actually arrived in Houston a little early. We were told we could deplane if we wanted to use the restroom and get something to eat, since we had time to kill. I opted, instead, to just use the lavatory on the plane and use the time to call my husband and my mom with travel updates.

Waiting for the next flight
Waiting for the next flight

As people started to board for our flight from Houston to Austin (which I have spent a lot of time contemplating ones expense of flying that route versus driving it) I found myself very glad to already be seated. This flight would be completely full. There were 14 of us already seated and just waiting for everyone else to join us so we could continue on our way.

I rarely pay much attention as people board behind me. I really don’t care who sits beside me, because, I admit it, I’m not a chatty flyer. I use ear plugs to attempt to keep my ears from plugging while I fly, and that makes it hard to visit with anyone. So. I just don’t.

All that being said, it was impossible to miss someone going, “Tsk. I thought we had good places in line. Look at all these seats already taken!” I glanced up to see a man and woman joining me in my row. I was glad to see two people who knew each other sitting with me… they’d talk among themselves and I’d be off the hook when it came to chatting.

As they sat down the woman started complaining about the air being on above her and telling the guy to turn it off.

“I should have known you’d start complaining about that before you even sat down good.”

I internally headdesked. He told the woman she’d have to ask me, since my air was the only one open and blowing. Now here’s another thing with¬† me and flying. I hate being hot. If I get hot on a plane, my stomach starts to ache. So I’d rather be a little chilly than hot, any day. I nodded that she could move my air “vent” but she couldn’t turn it off.

And with all of that, in less than thirty seconds, I felt myself very uncomfortable with these two. All I felt were negative vibes, and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on much of their conversation. (I mean, c’mon, they were less than a two feet away from me!)¬† I was more and more uncomfortable as time passed. I found myself hoping I that never come across as negative as these two did. Heck I found myself scared to breathe funny lest they start discussing what I was doing and why either I was wrong or how they could do it better!

Luckily the flight from Houston to Austin takes about 30 minutes, so my experience was short lived.

I enjoy people watching, and the occasional eavesdropping session usually makes me smile as I find myself filling in the blanks with my own imagination. But this was one time, I wish I hadn’t pretty much had to eavesdrop. I strive to surround myself with positive people, and when I find myself trapped in a sea of negativity… I feel uncomfortable and out of place. I have my negative moments, but I try to keep those to myself or just with people I am close to… who know that my feelings are short lived and don’t define who I am.

My seatmates… well… I would define them as being negative people. And perhaps my assessment is totally wrong! But I wasn’t given much at all to assume otherwise. I sure hope I never do that. This trip made me be more aware of my attitude more than ever, and perhaps that’s the positive in that sea of negative.

Coming out from the crud


My last blog post (besides Weekly Winners) was all about how I was beating my sinus issues. Well. The joke was on me. The next day I barely convinced myself to get out of bed, and I ended up at a walk-in clinic. I walked back out after a shot and being given 10 days worth of antibiotics.

I didn’t even feel like writing. I barely took my daily photos for my project 365. I just had absolutely no interest in pretty much everything.

Last Wednesday, I flew home to Nashville for a week — with my sinus infection — and of course ended up with plugged ears. I spent almost my entire visit home… at home. But on the bright side, my time off at home was good for me. I just finished day 8 of my antibiotics, and I can definitely say I feel better.

I head back to Texas today to finish out tax season at my parent’s business. Here’s to feeling better and rockin’ the work ahead to be done.

Sinus infection be gone! Writing inspiration, please come back! I want to be back to being me!


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