Five on Friday: Song lyrics that make me facepalm

Nothing deep to be found here this week. In fact, the lack of depth is precisely why these song lyrics make me change the radio station. This is full of snark and should be taken with a healthy dose of humor.

My apologies in advance if I poke fun at a song you love. That’s fine if you love it! Doesn’t mean I have to…

1. “Baby you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down… and cruise.” I’m sorry. I vehemently hate this song. Even more when someone sings it at the bar, and I find myself bopping along to it. Its an ear worm on top of being stupid. Le sigh.

2. “I said, ‘Climb on up, but honey watch the cup that I’m spittin’ my dip inside…'” What part of singing about your dip cup is okay!? Look, I have to pick those damn things up at the bar every night. Leave ’em off the radio. Please.

3. “Girl you make my speakers go boom boom.” Really? Just. Really?

4. “Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit.” I can’t. I just can’t. This song really didn’t have many redeeming qualities, but when that line came up it just made them all null and void. Cheese and rice, make it stop!

5. “Rock me mama, like a wagon wheel.” Okay, I liked this song the first fifty times I heard it. And I totally respect the people that still like it. But work downtown Nashville and try to like the song any more. And you can’t. It’s like an unwritten law to hate it if you work in any of the honky tonks. And its an easy law to follow, because tourists scream, “WAGON WHEEL” like you used to hear, “FREEBIRD!” just a few years ago. You kinda want to throw an empty beer bottle at the person requesting it. Some times you want to throw a full beer. But I digress. Bob, I can think of a lot of ways I’d like to be rocked, but “like a wagon wheel” is not one of them. :)



#DrinkUpLinkUp — Absolut Cilantro

All right. I know this flavored vodka craze is just that… crazy. However, I’ve really not found a flavored vodka that I didn’t like, but I have a whole lotta flavors left to try.

Monday, my husband and I stopped by our local liquor store to pick up a couple goodies to take to a friend’s house for an evening hanging out around the fire pit, visiting and just… relaxing. As we looked around my husband pointed it out:

Absolut Cilantro.

Cilantro? Really? I happen to be a big cilantro fan, but I never thought of using it for a drink. I was curious, of course, but a little scared. Luckily, they had little “airplane bottles” of the intriguing flavor at the register so I grabbed one to try. The lady that checked us out said she’d only used it in making homemade salsa, but couldn’t really tell us much past that. Hmmm…

249: Absolut Cilantro

I wanted to really get an idea of the flavor, so I mixed it with just water. Absolut Cilantro and water. I added a slash of lime juice and some simple syrup.

It was… really different! I didn’t hate it. But I didn’t mind when I ran out of drink and switched back to just water.

Ever had fresh cilantro? Yeah, that’s what it tasted like. I told my husband after I had it that I understood… I could totally see myself using it in homemade salsa to give it a fun kick. Heck, I might just try that next week. Go get a couple more little bottles and try that.

We’ll see. ;)

But, hey, I tried it! And I didn’t hate it. So I’ll take that.



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