From the back of a motorcycle

Yesterday, my husband and I went for a ride on the bike with no destination in mind. It was fun to just ride back roads, then stop and try to figure out where we were with the GPS.

From the backseat of a motorcycle
We don’t have an intercom system, which means no talking and lots of time to think. I had a chance to think about goals, dreams and how to get to them. I had a chance to think about things that have bothered me, and try to figure out why they were an issue. I had time to just take in the world and enjoy living in the moment.

I saw plenty of things that made me laugh out loud. (My personal favorite was the Tennessee Vols fan who painted the fire hydrant by his drive way orange and white.) I saw the beauty of Middle Tennessee everywhere I looked. We encountered kind and friendly folks.

At one point, we peeled off the road to consult the GPS. A white minivan pulled up beside us, and a man checked to see if we were broken down. He explained that he rides too and just wanted to make sure we were okay. It made me happy in my heart to find kind people in this world.

One area we rode through, literally every person waved. It made me wish we weren’t so far from downtown Nashville… otherwise I’d insist we buy a house there to be around such friendly people!

On yet another positive note, for once we did NOT have anyone obviously not see us. Yay for safety! Keep your eyes open for motorcycles!

From the backseat of a motorcycle

It started to get dark, and the temperatures started to drop. Not dramatically, but enough that you could really feel it on the bike! We called it a day and headed home for dinner. I was a bit sad to see it end, but it just made me more ready for an upcoming road trip with friends.

Yes, I am getting into this whole motorcycle thing. Help us all, right? But I love that I’m growing to love something my husband is so passionate about… broadening my horizons and seeing things in a whole new way. Gotta appreciate that.

Baby steps, professionally

I bought a domain name tonight.

My husband is asleep and unaware. I did ask him if I could, though! He didn’t say no…

I have a photography domain name. Things are getting real now. Not that the photo shoots and CD covers weren’t already real! And the upcoming wedding this year isn’t real. They all are very real!

But with the purchase, I’m saying, “This is me. I’m a photographer. Here is what I do. Won’t you hire me?”

Well, okay, with this purchase I am on my way to saying that. I have to, you know, actually build a site and say that. But baby steps! Baby steps, people!

I’m excited! SO excited. Scared, too, but most excited. I’m on my way! Slow, but I’m on my way!

Weekly Winners (July 30 – August 5)

Started by the lovely Lotus, Weekly Winners is a fun little thing bloggers do to showcase some of their favorite photos from the previous week.

Visit Lotus’ site and check out her various entries, and find other participants. See some amazing photos brought to you by bloggers around the world. Leave a little love when you do — its like food for the soul!


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Yesterday, I had to fill my truck up with gas. As I was fueling, I had a young man walk up to me with a cigarillo in his mouth ask me if I had a lighter he could use. I stared at him and went, “Really?”

Ahhh… people.

White roses

White rose

White rose

270: Lace

Full moon

266: A bowl full of cherries

264: Young family
I did my first new-baby family photoshoot this last week. I was pretty proud of what I got! There were a few shots I wish I’d take the time to take (and there were a few I was disappointed didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped) but I’m learning every day and with every shoot. Love these two, and look forward to more photos of the new little one as he grows!


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