A long line of love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

At that statement, you either just rolled your eyes or smiled and nodded. Perhaps a little bit of both.

I’ve been away from home for work the last few weeks, and I flew home to spend this day with my husband. But instead he’s in Oregon with his family, as his Dad’s been in the hospital. So ironically, I’m spending today all alone at home with my two cats.

But. That’s okay. I don’t need this day to tell me that my husband loves me and that I love him. I don’t need roses and chocolate to know we are each others everything. I have our history, our today, and our future to tell me that. I have a solid base of friendship that we’ve built upon over years. I have the dreams we dream, both big and small. I have the knowledge he’s only a phone call away, no matter what.

But more than that, I come from a long line of love. I knew when I said, “I do.” it would be for life. I would draw from the strength and lessons learned from all those loves before me and around me.  We got married in the same church  my parents and grandparents got married in… and today we have the support of friends and family to lift us up any time we hit rough patches.

And rough patches DO happen! Be they between us or around us.

Take today as an example. Having a sick parent is HARD. Especially when they are all the way across the country, dictating us be apart. A big stressful thing of it is that I can’t be right there to support my husband, and I know there’s been countless times all he’s wanted is a hug.

But we’re pulling together nonetheless with all the nuances of life around this, and we have been able to lean on friends in the spaces between to help us take it one day at a time. We’ll get to the other side of this stronger and having learned from it.

Learning from our past and each other is huge to build a solid future. No, we can’t predict the future… what events are to come or how we will react to them. But I do know I have one heck of support system — that long line of love — to lean on as anything and everything comes our way. And that’s priceless.

It’s all of THAT love that I pause and honor today.


I debated sharing this here, but I might as well. Anyone who knows us in real life has asked us, “So how did y’all meet?” And they’ve received that really uncomfortable silence, because its not an easy story to tell.  Nonetheless, when SheKnows Media did a call out for unorthodox relationships that work, I decided to submit our love story.

I know better than to read comments, but in response to one of the comments on this story, I suppose having conversations over dinner with my parents are considered stolen moments. I’ll make sure and tell them that. Ha! Anyway, our story is ours and I love it, even the “ugly” parts.


Entrepreneurial lessons

IMG_20160206_092837There is one thing I never want to stop doing, and that is learning. The more you know, the better.

I haven’t written much about mine and my husband’s work towards being bar owners. And until its further along in the process, I’m not going to do so. But suffice to say, we’ve been working on this venture for over a year. And for awhile now, I’ve felt really bad that we aren’t further along than we are. But that all changed this weekend.

This weekend, I attended Aggie Entrepreneurship Saturday in Houston, Texas. It was an opportunity to learn from other Entrepreneurs things I need to know as I start my business. My parents came with me to learn what they can do to improve theirs.


You know what my biggest take-away was from the event? That its perfectly okay that we’ve taken this long, because we’ve been careful. We’re making sure our business plan is as complete as possible and that we truly know what we are doing. We want to have answers to questions before they are asked… or at the very least know how to get those answers.

For as much as I learned I am on the right track, I also learned so many things that I never thought about ahead of time. I learned marketing strategies, and legal issues. I learned I need to stop just taking people at their word, and I need to truly research them and their credentials.

I learned a lot about funding… mostly on how to look the best I can to investors and creditors. I learned the mistakes many business owners make (and I am a big fan of learned from mistakes — both mine and other’s.) I discovered how important your terminology and point of view can be. I learned about percentages of ownership and the importance of setting in stone ahead of time everyone’s jobs and expectations.

It’s easy to think, “Oh just go get some money and open a business.” But its SO much more than that. So much more. And ultimately,  I left rejuvenated in our endeavor. I left wiser and more confident.

I tweeted my favorite notes throughout the day… if you’d care to see those tweets, check them out HERE


I absolutely can’t thank the people who made this day possible enough… The Association of Former Students, Startup Aggieland, TAMU Young Alumni, and Mays Business School. I hope to catch another one and keep learning! 

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