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9780823086207I love to take pictures and it has begun to help make me a living, but I have a hard time calling myself a “professional.” A big part of it is that I feel like I am forever a student of the art. I’m constantly learning. I learn something new with every photoshoot I do and from every person I photograph.

So when I saw your family in pictures being offered through the Blogging for Books program, I couldn’t click “request” fast enough. If I even took just one piece of advice or just one photograph I wanted to emulate some day from the book, it would be invaluable to me.

This book hit the mark perfectly. I absolutely loved the way Me Ra Koh presented her “photo recipes.” Some of my favorite photoshoots are with families, and I felt like this book handed me so many ideas in a pretty bow, using simple language. I’ll be using these ideas heavily in the weeks to come!

I am sure many professional photographers would feel frustrated with this book (and, yes, much of this book was stuff I already knew and put into action often), but it’s not written for the professional — its written for parents. It’s written for the common man. I, personally, love it and recommend it.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group book review bloggers program. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

It’s closing day!

2014-10-11 18.10.19-1

Ahhhhhh!!!!! It’s closing day!

Midday today, we officially become homeowners. I’m excited. I’m terrified. I’m stressed out. I’m freaked out. I’m… so very ready.

It’s been a very long and trying process. It’s tested our patience at times. It’s tested our ability to juggle logistics. It’s STILL forcing us to juggle logistics.

Our closing was supposed to be October 2nd, but it got delayed in the paper processing stage. It happens, and I was pretty much expecting it. But at the same time, this really put us in a bind scheduling wise for moving and my husband’s tour schedule. We’ll make it work, especially with the help of friends and family.

Our new mantra is, “This is the FUN part!”

That it is… that it absolutely is…

The people in your life

rich in friendsIn college, I took a lot of Sociology classes. It wasn’t that I was interested in the field of study in the least bit. In fact, I generally hated the classes with a passion. Too much reading. It was boring. And it was just not something I wanted to study.

But. They fit in my schedule and filled a needed credit. So I took them. A lot of them. I was probably only a course or two away from a solid minor in the subject. I was so disinterested in the subject, though, that I never even bothered to check for sure or try to get that qualification on my diploma.

Fast forward 11 years, and I’ve found myself fascinated with human social interactions. I’m fascinated by how people gravitate to each other and how they interact with one another. I’m fascinated with, you guessed it, sociology. With a solid dash of psychology. Perhaps its a “side effect” of being a bartender. After all, I’m doctor, therapist and baby sitter to many patrons week in and week out. (Heavy emphasis on baby sitter. How on Earth do so many people lose their phones!?)

But outside of that, I’m fascinated with my OWN social interactions. I often sit back and think about my friends and how diverse they are. I can pinpoint at least seven “groups” of friends, each one different due to how they fit each nuance of my personality and life. I can’t imagine not having any one of them in my life.

They’ve all shaped me and taught me things about the world as well as about myself. Sometimes friends are the best mirror you could ever hope to have.

IMG_20141006_205622Take just last night, for example. We had a Road Widows meet up in East Nashville. We met at No. 308, and awesome little bar that I didn’t even know existed.

Two-thirds of the group were women I’ve come to consider friends, as we’ve all attended multiple meet-ups over the last year or so. The others were “new-to-the-group” but they fit right in like they’d been there all along. I left feeling like I’d made two more friends in the few hours we sat and had drinks. “Find me on Facebook” was bantered across the table as we gathered our purses and paid our tabs.

The best part of the night, though? It was spent with people who GET the weird and crazy life of being married to someone on the road, because they, too, live it. We could go, “I love my husband, but man am I glad he’s on the road for a few weeks so I can get a lot of work done!” And we all understood, laughing and nodding along. We all shared stories candidly, knowing we could be honest without being judged. It was… amazing.

The people in your life inevitably make a huge impact on you. I feel like I’ve surrounded myself with amazing, positive forces in this world. Not just the women of Road Widows, but alumni of my university, musicians, fellow bartenders, old friends that never leave my heart and side, and the angels of CASA, just to name a few.

I feel like I can face anything, thanks to these people. And you know… that faith and confidence and LOVE that surrounds me is worth more than a million dollars in the bank.

The wife of a touring musician tells it like she sees it…

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