Five on Friday :: Feb. 6, 2015


It’s been a long time since I did Five on Friday, because I felt a self-imposed pressure to always have a theme. But for 2015, any Five on Friday will be free-form with no promise of it having any sort of theme or point outside of whatever is on my brain on that given day. So without further adieu…

1. I became reacquainted with a love of mine this week. The power of the blogging world. My focus on blogging has diminished over the last few years. I guess you could say “life happened.” Life is still happening, but I feel like I need to make more time in said life for the blog world. It’s served me well over time, introducing me to amazing people that I admire and learn from almost daily. The #WomensLives initiative has made me many, many new people to get to know. And I CAN’T WAIT to do so. We can learn from each other — and I’m embracing this opportunity to expand my world, and I hope maybe I can teach others as well.

2. My brain is almost always on some level thinking about our opening a bar. I’m overwhelmed by all the questions that must be answered before I can even call a bar my own. I learn (again) something new every day about this endeavor. Sometimes I don’t like the answers to the questions we have, but I am ALWAYS better off knowing the answers and dealing with them than I was not knowing. It’s going slower than I hoped it would… and yet in other areas its going faster than I was braced to go. But here we go kids… we’re doing this!

3. I feel like I owe a lot of friends apologies for being preoccupied with my own life lately. I strive to be a good friend and truly want to know whats going on in my friends’ lives. They are all so important to me, and I want to be there for all of them. And lately… lately  I’ve not done so well with that. And for that I do apologize and will try my best to do better.

4. Just yesterday, I decided on one word I would use to describe myself at this time: Versatile.

5. I gave myself a silent goal this month to make February fitness fabulous. So far, I’m doing pretty good, I think! What spurred this? Oh, just putting the 7 pounds I lost in September back on since the bar closed. I knew it was going to happen, but I still reached for pecan pie for breakfast, and figured one more beer in the evening was okay. But February 1st hit, and I just went, “Okay, time to fix this.” I’m consciously trying to keep my step count up (for me!) using my Fitbit, and I am back to tracking my food. Here’s to being fabulously me just for me!

#WomensLives :: Something important happened yesterday

There’s something about me I don’t (think) I talk about all that much. It’s the fact that my degree is in journalism. Oh, I talk about being an Aggie and what Texas A&M means to me, but I don’t talk much about the fact that my degree is in journalism. But. It is:


My final semester, Texas A&M University decided it would no longer offer Journalism as a major. (It has since changed its tune… it only took 10 years to do so, though.) I suppose that should have been a foreboding of sorts for me.

Between when I graduated in 2003 and today, I worked about a year and a half at a newspaper (click here to see my personal article archive) before walking away from the field. I consider this blog and interactions I have often on Twitter as my keeping up with my interest and deep down love for the field of journalism.

But as with things you love, its easy to also hate it… and to perhaps hate it a little more than anyone who didn’t at one time see it as their future. I know what good journalism is… and its very, very hard to find today.

It is for this reason that I jumped on the opportunity to join the #WomensLives initiative, a media partnership between Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media, BlogHer‘s parent company. (I’ve proudly been a part of the BlogHer network for years.) Perhaps I could be part of an initiative to fix a part of what is wrong in the news media today.

Did you know that only about 24% of all news subjects talk about women in any way, and only six percent of news stories highlight gender in/equality. Staggering, but true.  Staggering and unacceptable.

This initiative — #WomensLives — kicked off yesterday with a bang. Literally hundreds of women’s voices have come together to be heard. SheKnows Media is helping us as members of our community start conversations about the PRI’s Across Women’s Lives series using the #WomensLives hashtag across social media and through individual points of views on personal blogs.

I am SO excited to see where this initiative takes me — takes ALL of us. For the rest of this year, I’ll be blogging on topics directly related to #WomensLives as well as sharing links to other article. I welcome an open — respectful — dialogue about all the topics that will come be brought to light.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and keep checking the #WomensLives hashtag regularly to find even more open and interesting discussions directly relating to women and media.

Let’s make a difference together!

#womenslivesLearn more over at BlogHer about #WomensLives!

You’re Invited: SheKnows Media and PRI Announce News Incubator #womenslives

So much love…

Photofy image...
Photofy image.

My motto for 2015 is “So much love…”

Perhaps we use the word “love” too freely. In the same breath, I don’t think you can love too much.

Love makes you happy. Love can break your heart. Love can put a broken heart back together again. Love is positive. Love is gentle. Love is kind.

Love life. Embrace it. Capture it. Hold on tight to it… Because as a friend of mine always says: if you love life, it’ll love you back.

Oh, that’s not to say there won’t be rough times. But if you love life, you’ll come to love those rough times, as those are the moments you learn the most. Those are the moments you grow the most. Those are the times you’ll feel the most love directed straight at you.

Love isn’t something you measure in a cup, or weigh on a scale. It’s often given and received disproportionately. It’s perfectly imperfect.

And in this year of discovery, learning and change, I’m choosing it to be my guide. Love. Love life. Love the struggle. Love each other.

So much love…

Motto in the snow!


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