Five on Friday: Stressors

I had someone ask me the other day what I had to be stressed about, and I replied, “Everything.” But let’s be a little more specific:

FoF - Stressors

1. Drama. If there is one thing i don’t handle well, it’s drama. I can’t even handle tense and dramatic moments in movies very well! My husband finds it hilarious how I will actually stop watching a movie or change the channel when it because just too dramatic. I. Hate. Conflict. Oh I know a certain amount of conflict and drama is necessary, because life would just be boring otherwise. But in general, I hate it. And it needs to stay far away from me.

2. We are buying a house. Seriously. This takes the medal as most stressful event in my life to date. And while the toughest parts are over, it’s all out of my hands right now. Will we make our closing date? When can I go buy a new mattress and couches? What am i going to do with the old ones? I’m tripping over boxes already, and there is so much left to pack. Oh my gawd this is too much to juggle at once!

3. Work. So my photography is picking up nicely. But see #2? Yeah that’s making it difficult to juggle photo shoots and pretty much everything else, because I feel like I’m always on call for the house. I’m also working extra nights bartending these days, so I’m in total vampire mode, but that does not work well with mortgage people. So sleep has been sacrificed…

4. Allergies. …and it is that time of year. Allergies have struck, and I’m miserable. I’m pretty sure that whole lack of sleep thing isn’t helping with that. So I’ve been sleeping. A lot. Which doesn’t work with packing a house to move! And I am trying so hard to make sure it doesn’t turn into a sinus infection. I fear I’m going to lose this battle, but I’m trying.

5. Stress of others around me. There’s been a lot of very negative events for people around me. Deaths. Job losses. Sickness. I feel everyone else’s sadness and stress, and my heart aches for them. Especially when, really, almost all of my stressors are actually positive. And I am thankful. And I am excited. I love being busy. I can’t wait to get into my new house. But I can’t help fear seeming ungrateful, and in the same breath seem like I’m “showing off” because of things are good for us right now. But, I have to just plug forward and keep my head up. Stay strong and not let any of it get the best of me.

The only thing constant is change

changeI’ve heard it said that the only thing that’s constant is change. All you have to do is look around you, and you’ll know that’s true. There’s constant construction going on. New buildings are being built, and old buildings are being torn down. Try to drive anywhere of much distance, and you’ll run into road construction. Look at old pictures, and see how much you’ve aged, even if you swear you haven’t changed a bit.

Right now, all around me is change. Not only with me personally, but with many friends and family. There’s an odd feeling of excitement mixed with unrest. As some are finding great things, others are finding a lot of loss.

The only thing constant is change.

On September 11, 2001, this country faced some of its biggest change in its history. Innocence was lost that day. Lives were lost. Hopes were lost. Dreams were lost. All around the country people stared at their TVs in disbelief. We all grieved, and we drew together. Suddenly that person we looked at in fear was someone that we reached out a hand to help. We became more of a unified country than we had been in many, many years.

In the years since that fateful day, more changes occurred. Not only in airports, but on the street. We look at others with a weary eye that we didn’t before. The unrest in the world has gotten worse, and I often feel a touch of fear for the future. Who knows what our next generation will face!

The only thing constant is change.

However it is with faith that I’ve gotten through as much change as I have over the years. It’s with a heart full of hope, and a belief that it will all work out in the end that I continue to be an optimist.

Change can leave you tired. You can leave your bones wary and you wondering just how you’re going to go on. Change can also fill you with excitement. It can find you looking to the future with hope and belief that it’s all just going to get better.

I know the latter is often hard to see these days. Some would probably say September 11, 2001 is the day that that belief and hope became hard to find. An evil in the world showed itself, and it continues to show itself today. The players may have changed some, but its goal remains the same: to leave us fearful, weak, and hopeless.

But it’s on this day, that I remember those lives lost. I remember those who are left behind grieving the loss of so many innocent lives. I think of the innocent lives continuing to be lost today, in this war that never seems to truly end. And I hope that we find a way to come together still and help one another… reach out a hand to someone in need.

Because it’s in helping one another that the greatest change can occur. The only thing constant is change, and in some cases that can be the most comforting fact in the world.

One month from today

In a month, my husband and I are making a huge step in life.

We close on a new house. Our first house. We are first-time home buyers. It’s exhilarating. It’s exciting. It’s terrifying.

But I’m so in love with my new house.


This has been, without a doubt, one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done. And am still doing! Between financial side of things and logistical, I’m pretty much exhausted 24/7. But I am learning SO MUCH. We went into this literally knowing nothing about the home buying process. But we have surrounded ourselves with kind, patient and understanding people from day one. So far, the process has been smooth and I feel wiser (and older!) from it.

This month is going to fly by… But it’s also going to drag. I want to be in the new place NOW even as I’m going, “I don’t have enough time to get it all done!”

But it will get done. And it will be amazing.

The wife of a touring musician tells it like she sees it…

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