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Back to reality

My little vacation ended as of today. For the last week, I unplugged heavily and enjoyed having my parents visit. I continued to post in my various locations — Facebook, Twitter, here, etc. — but if anyone pays much attention they probably noticed that my volume of interaction decreased dramatically. That was because I wanted to enjoy my company. I wanted to live in the moment more. I loved it.

However, today, my parents headed home to Texas. Last I talked to my mom, they were over half-way home. I’m always sad to see them leave, and I know they aren’t ever in a hurry to go either. But that’s a good thing! I’d hate it if they couldn’t wait to leave! That would be a serious bummer and would throw off all kinds of alarm bells.

No, it is just time to get back to work. They have their business to run, and I have my own to continue to build. While they were here, we did nail down a lot of projects I’ve had lined up to tackle. When I finish this post, I plan to pull out a spiral notebook and really outline my various projects. Outline my goals. Outline a game plan.

I am a HUGE fan of to do lists these days. It’s too easy to let things slide without a list, or its too easy to let little projects come ahead of big projects because you don’t realize the massiveness of those projects.

Like I said, I am always sad to say good bye to my parents. I have this incredible relationship with them that I cherish deeply. It was fun to take an impromptu vacation at home, and it was good for me to let my hair down and put my worries and stresses aside.Now I feel more prepared to move forward with a clearer head and clearer mission. I had said that I was letting August be like a new start for me, and it really has been! I’m running with that, and keeping a positive focus on everything.

10 Random Things

I have to admit. I totally stole this post idea from the Newlyweds Next Door. It’s called lack of inspiration, and I have it right now. So here goes:

1. Saturday night means ghost shows on Biography for me. I really have no interest in ever meeting a ghost, but I find these shows fascinating. A guilty pleasure. A cheap thrill. All of the above.

2. I want to pursue more writing towards faith and my religion. No, I don’t mean in this blog, so don’t anyone run away! LOL! I mean freelance writing. There are a lot of Catholic publishing papers, etc. that I want to approach and send queries for articles. I think that could be really rewarding for me.

3. I set up a Facebook Page for this blog. I’d love for you to “Like” me over there!

4. The artist my husband works for played an MDA Fundraiser today. This made me super happy! Labor Day is quickly approaching, which means the big MDA Telethon. I’ve been meaning to call the local MDA office and volunteer to help that day. Consider that officially on my “to do this week” list.

5. I’d like to share with you a picture of three of my most favorite people in the world:

Me with my parents and my husband.

6. My parents hooked me up with some new clothes this week. Me? Spoiled? Okay, maybe a little bit. hehehe! But, I have to admit, it’s really given me a boost. I don’t buy new clothes all that often, so when I get a few items, its fun. I noticed in my purchasing… I’m definitely growing up. I gravitated towards slightly more mature fashions. Guess I really am pushing 30, huh?

7. I’m determined to finish the book I am reading and get it reviewed this next week. The sad thing is that the book is less than 150 pages long. And I’ve had it for a month. Unacceptable level of reading being done by yours truly these days.

7.5. I read a LOT more Blogs than I’ve ever read before. Learning from my peers and loving it.

8. Confession: I am hooked on Big Brother 12. Along with Top Chef and Next Food Network Star.

9. Since I sent it to a friend this week, here is my recipe for Chicken Salad:

No exact measurements. Add everything to taste!

Bake chicken breasts seasoned with salt, pepper and poultry seasoning. I like to let it chill overnight, so plan this dish a day ahead of time. I find it easier to cut up the chicken, plus then the salad is definitely cold. Boil eggs, peel and then chill them as well. Chop the chicken and eggs. Mix those with mayo, sweet relish and pepper to taste. Serve!

10. I’ve seriously enjoyed having my parents visit this last week. I basically took vacation right along with them, and it has allowed me to really enjoy the time with them. I’m going to hate to see them head back to Texas soon, but I know work beckons for all of us. A bummer, but it also makes weeks like this last one possible. And for that, I am grateful! Always grateful to have any work.