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Enjoy your food

When I saw what this month’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) theme is, I knew I had to participate.


Dec 3: What food always makes you feel happy while you’re eating it?

I’m not an emotional eater. If I’m stressed I’m actually more likely NOT going to eat. Now boredom? I’ll eat out of boredom all the time.

I will admit though, I do enjoy eating good food. I am most definitely guilty of posting pictures of my food on social media. Because, well, eating can and does make me happy.

Among my favorite happy foods are:

– Moms’s cornbread dressing.
– crawfish!
– a huge salad jam packed with goodies. I am always on the hunt for a great chef salad.
– a Whataburger hamburger with cheese, bacon and jalapeños.
– creamy jalapeño dip from Chuys.
– deviled eggs.
– a sausage burger from Greens Sausage House in Zabcikville, TX.
– kolaches.
– Freebirds burrito.
– barbecue.

I could go on and on… But my most happiest food? Anything shared with family and friends around the table, where we sit talking long after the food is gone. That ALWAYS makes me happy.

Though Whataburger… Man… Mmmmm…

105: Lucky Number 3

Remembering a happy surprise

When I saw what this month’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) theme is, I knew I had to participate.


Dec 2: Talk about a surprise that made you happy.

I’m going to reach way back for this one. All the way back to 7th grade.

It was my birthday, and I don’t recall what was planned for it with my parents. But I do clearly remember it was a school day, and I got called to the office.

The school secretary told me my parents had called and were on their way with some questions. I was so confused and admittedly worried. I remember quizzing her periodically as to what it could be about. I just could not figure out what on earth my parents could need.

After what felt like an hour (but what was actually probably less than 10 minutes), one of my classmates came and told me that they needed me back in class. I recall arguing with her a little that I couldn’t go, my parents were on the way! The school secretary told me to go ahead, she would come get me when they got there. Don’t worry.

I walked into the classroom to, “SURPRISE!!!!!!”

The room had been decorated and there was a cake and presents for my birthday. To this day I am still stunned by this… it still touches my heart deeply. That happened 21 years ago. (I would have been turning 13, I believe.) I don’t recall how I reacted now. I don’t recall what kind of cake it was or what kind of gifts I received. I don’t recall those little details…

But I do recall the joy and love I felt that day. I’ll remember it forever.

001: Happy Birthday