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“The Crud”

137: SickiesIt seems to always be going around.

The Crud

It’s like some bad movie horror character that no one really knows how to define. So they give it this broad, sweeping name to strike fear in the noses of all those around.

For the last week, I have been fighting “The Crud.” Allergies turned cold turned annoyance turned “fake you out so you feel good for a day only to feel worse tomorrow” to just being a big snot machine. I hesitate to say I’m over it, but I feel okay today. Blowing my nose every five minutes, but I feel okay.

Yesterday, I ramped up my battle into hyper-drive. I:

— neti pot regularly, using a mixture of saline and Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Concentrate drops

— apple cider vinegar and honey mixture multiple times a day

— orange juice with the Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Concentrate in it.

— humidifier

— Vitamin C

— Sudafed

— Advil

— Allegra

All of these things in some mixture over the past 36 hours, and I got up today no longer feeling like a truck hit me. I’m still blowing my nose regularly, but I can handle that! As long as I don’t feel bad, I can handle a stuffed nose.

I work tonight. In a bar that allows smoking. I am hoping the exercise I’ll get moving around the bar will more than compensate for the irritant to my sinuses, and I’ll get up tomorrow feeling better as well. Fingers crossed!!!

So, question… what is YOUR approach to fighting “The Crud.”

*For more information on my grape fruit seed extract and apple cider vinegar approach, check out Earth Clinic’s “How to cure a sinus infection” page. I’ve not tried all the rememdies, but I found these two to help me a lot with even the common cold.

I hate my nose and my nose hates me!

If I have a medical “thing” it would definitely be my sinuses. I feel guilty any time I mention it,  because I feel like its ALL I TALK ABOUT sometimes. Sinuses, sinuses, sinuses. But, its a legitimate issue, and this weekend it sidelined me hard.

I almost always have issues of some sort with my sinuses, and it seems to be a constant battle to avoid it developing into an infection. And all my time fighting, I can always tell when I am starting to lose the battle because I get this awful, awful, awful, disgusting smell in my nose. And it gets bad enough that even my husband can smell it across the room from me. And it comes down to my sinuses needing some serious TLC again.

There is a definite connection between my sinuses and dairy. Which stinks because I kinda love cheese and sour cream and all those goodies. So any time I start getting sinus-y, I try to cut out cheese as much as possible. (Though sometimes, I just can’t resist! And then I pay for it.)

Tillamook Cheese
I love cheese, but it most certainly does not love me much of the time.

 So, I’ve taken to using almond milk, and if I have Starbucks, I order it with Soy. I look for things with the least amount of cheese when we go out, or I request it be removed. (Though when it comes to Mexican food, it better be a cheesy mess!)

I discovered a fabulous tonic of apple cider vinegar, water and honey that I use regularly. It’s helped drag me through countless sinus attacks, and I swear by it today. I wish I’d known of it years ago!

One thing I was introduced to over five years ago is the neti pot:

198: Neti Pot
Neti pot -- brilliance!

I had a monster sinus infection, and the doctor I saw suggested I get a neti pot. I’ve not looked back since. I use it regularly, and its helped drag me through many allergy and sinus attacks. I consider it a key piece in my arsenal against my own nose.

Steam is good, too. So I tend to take a lot of showers and/or baths when I am all stuffed up. My mom has this great steam thing that I used a lot the last couple of days.

115: Condensation
Open up my sinuses with steam, please!

Unfortunately its positive effects were shorter lived than anything else I tried. But it sure did feel good while I was using it!

I do use Advil, Sudafed and Muscinex to help me get through as well. This weekend it got bad enough that I was introduced to Afrin nose spray. Miracle drug! One I don’t plan to use a lot, but man it made a huge difference.

I can generally stand a stuffy nose. Generally. Its almost a fact of life for me at times. But what I hate is when its definitely something more to it. When I just feel achy and my appetite is gone. When I want to sleep, but can’t breathe when I lay down so I CAN’T sleep. When you just wish you could run a fever and maybe knock it all out. Or perhaps just cut your whole head off and replace it with a new one.

That was me this weekend. As I write this, I feel better. Hopefully on the mend finally. I am still taking a few of the medicines, and the neti pot regularly. The rest I’ve let drop off as I’ve improved. I think I can handle it from here. I think.