A knock on the head

Today wasn’t a good day for my husband. Oh, we found plenty of humor in his misfortunes, but to say his day went well would be a lie. Unfortunately, I am to blame for one of his day’s not so great moments… and it was the one that seemed to set the tone for the day.

We got up this morning, and headed for the kitchen. My husband started the coffee, and I started digging for clean bowls to pour us some cereal. After finally uprooting the bowls from the dishwasher (which meant putting other clean dishes away in the process), I headed to grab the box of cereal.

My husband was blocking the cabinet door, so I asked him to move and watch out so I wouldn’t hit him..

Instead, he spun around to hug me, and… I smacked him right in the side of the head with the cabinet door. It wasn’t exactly gentle, and it was with that ever-so-painful corner of the door. I felt TERRIBLE! I actually felt tears spring to my eyes when he said, “OW!” I started apologizing and trying to explain what happened.

He retreated from the kitchen saying he was, “in the way” and I sat down at the table and… burst into tears. Big, fat tears fell, and I found myself fighting them back knowing it was silly. He was okay! And… I had told him to move, after all!

My husband came back to find me sniffling . I wouldn’t even look at him. He finally asked me why I was crying.

“I don’t know!!!” I responded, still fighting not to sob all over again.

He started to laugh as he hugged me… which ended up making ME laugh. I asked him if I am like this when I’m just PMSing, what would I be like when we were pregnant? He found that amusing as well…

I’m glad he puts up with me and finds some of my more bizarre moments amusing. Even when the result in his having a nice bop to the head.

2 thoughts on “A knock on the head”

    1. His head was better by evening, and I finally found the humor in it all.

      Like you said… i DID warn him. Silly boy. lol

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