I had two versions of total relaxation recently.

Last night, I went to Opryland Hotel and watched my husband play in one of the atriums. I grabbed a seat at a table and ordered a glass of wine. In no time I was a puddle of goo. Piano music. A waterfall. Candle light. A glass of wine. I was ready to put a couple chairs together and fall asleep!

Candlelight and wine

I was asleep a little after midnight… that never happens! I was just so relaxed (and tired from traveling) that I couldn’t keep my eyes open!

Then this morning, I had a cup of coffee on the porch swing. A light breeze came through. It was warm, so I wore shorts and was barefooted. I listened to the sounds of my neighborhood, and the relaxation of the night before carried through into today.

Two different versions of the same idea: natural relaxation! So much stress in today’s world. Moments of relaxation are absolutely priceless.

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