I am an Aggie

My Aggie RingThere’s a double-edged sword to having a great football season. You finally feel like your team is getting respect, but you also end up with a whole lot of people suddenly jumping on the bandwagon claiming to be a fan of your team.

I’m all about my Texas A&M Aggies gaining more fans! That’s great! But I also always kinda liked there being truth in the idea that if you see someone in a Texas A&M shirt, they went to school there. (Or are directly related to someone who did.) It somehow, in my mind, gave our fan base a huge level of credibility (or something like that.)

I overheard someone the other day, talking about Texas A&M and another person joke, “So you dragged that item of clothing out of the closet for the first time in how many years?” clearly poking fun at the other person as if they were a fair-weather fan. I think it was at that point that it hit me… there’s a lot of people who are fans only when we’re good who will suddenly be coming out of the woodwork to “claim” the teams success as their own.

This seriously bothered me for a long time, but in the end… I suppose its good. The more people who take note of TAMU in a positive light, the more they’ll notice all the other amazing things about the university that I love. The 12th Man. Muster. Corp of Cadets. Reveille. Silver Taps. Our many advances in the world of science and business. Our contribution to our military. Howdy, Dammit! and Whoop!

I am an Aggie. I have been since before I was even born. I went to school at Texas A&M Univeristy. I’m not just a fan. I AM an Aggie. I have the diploma on the wall to prove it. I wear my class ring every single day, proud of my accomplishment and my school. Even in our crappy years, I’ve worn my maroon with pride… happy to tell anyone who will listen that I am an Aggie. My blood runs a deep maroon and it always will. No one can take that away from me. No one ever will.

#DrinkUpLinkUp — Malibu Red

I absolutely hate love it when Thursday gets here, and I have no Thirsty Thursday topic. It’s like a big adventure of trying to figure out if I can afford a quick trip to the liquor store or if I need to dig into my databanks of past drink loves to write about.

Today, we ended up at the liquor store (primarily because its right next door to the tobacco shop that my husband frequents) and I discovered Malibu Red.

 Malibu Red

I happen to love coconut rum. Love. It. I thought it was a summer phase this last summer, but I am just as addicted today as I was then. Ironic, considering I hate coconut in any other form.

Here’s what you need to know about Malibu Red, and its right on the front of the bottle: Carribean Rum, Tequila and Coconut Liqueur. It’s its own mixed drink right out of the bottle! (Oh and its 70 proof.)

However, for the sake of this post, I mixed it in ginger ale and the result to me was one of the most eclectic tastes I’ve ever had in a glass. On the front end, it reminds me of a margarita, in the middle its just a nice summer-light drink, and at the back end its all coconut.

 062: Malibu Red

I can seriously see myself turning to this all summer long as a go-to drink. I can’t wait to try it in different mixers and maybe just straight up as a shooter. For anyone curious, it only cost me a dollar more than a comparably-sized bottle of another brand’s regular coconut rum… so don’t expect it to be crazy expensive. (That, too, helped me decide to go ahead and grab this for tonight.)



Intelligence, time and fun

Yesterday, a friend posted this on Facebook (Yes I totally swiped it and posting it here):


My first three words I found were: Intelligence, Time and Fun.


I sat and mulled it over. What did that MEAN!? (And no, I don’t believe this game to be true. Just like I don’t REALLY believe eating black eyed peas and collard greens on January 1st will bring me good luck… but I do it anyway.)

I am an optimist! I AM! Honest! And yet my brain went, “Well, intelligence tends to come from experience and I learn most from my mistakes. Time… I end up with time because I don’t have any work. And fun… we get to go on vacation?”

How much more doom and gloom can you get!? Failure to be able to gain intelligence? Loss of work to have time?

I posed it to my husband. What did those three words mean?

He said, “We will use intelligence to make wise decisions. We will have time to enjoy together. And we’ll go on vacation.”

At least we both agreed we need a vacation.

I told him I liked his way better, and then told him what I came up with. We laughed at the difference, considering how I am usually the cheerleader for us. I told him I didn’t feel pessimistic! But, I guess between fiscal cliffs and the fact that 2012 WAS good to us… I’m braced to have to work harder in 2013. Even though, really, I feel like it’s just going to keep getting better, as we navigate life and make changes and advances in our goals and dreams.

And definitely — DEFINITELY — go on vacation.

The wife of a touring musician tells it like she sees it…

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