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I heard on the  news that many schools have taken handwriting out of the school curriculum. I know my sister-in-law commented that she’s had to teach my niece and nephew how to write various cursive letters because they were not properly taught it in school. It’s all because we’ve gotten so heavily tied to our computers and smartphones.

I remember in high school practicing how to write my name.  (Then, later, dreamily practicing my name with my boyfriends-now-husband’s last name.) I remember finding new and exciting ways to write the letter “D.” To swoop or not to swoop?

I was jealous of my best friend, whose name started with an “L.” I thought L was the best letter ever to write back then. Those fabulous loops!  Ah! She was so LUCKY! (See? Another “L!”)

However, thank heavens my name didn’t start with a “J.” I still can’t write those halfway decent.

Today, I’ll go a long time without writing anything. Much like the schools, I rely on my computer or phone to do with writing for me. However, I still need to be able to write to fill out a check blank, or sign important documents. Sometimes its just easier to hand write a to do list and its more personal to hand write a letter.

I wish my handwriting were prettier. Much like in school, I still pout when I see someone with prettier handwriting than me. And much like a woman has “fat days” I have “good handwriting days.” Which is what spurred this tonight. Today was a good handwriting day. It made me happy to see as I wrote out various lists and notes to myself.

I can’t image not being able to identify yourself by your handwriting. I always thought it was a part of a person’s personality. (Heck do a Google search for handwriting and personality… lots of analysis of what handwriting says about you!) I love seeing an older person’s handwriting. At work, we deal with a lot of elderly clients, who have the most beautiful handwriting still today! We also deal with a lot of mid-twenties and below, who you need a secret decoder ring to decipher what they’ve written.

Our written word is so important to our culture and our generations. I pray we don’t lose that all together… all in the name of technology.

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Weekly Winners (Mar. 6 – 12)

March 13th, 2011 18 comments

Weekly Winners is a fun little thing bloggers do to showcase some of their favorite photos from the previous week. It is brought to you, me and everyone by the lovely Lotus, aka Sarcastic Mom. Visit her site and find all the participants. See some amazing photos brought to you by bloggers around the world. Leave a little love when you do — its like food for the soul!

Weekly Winners

I was all about my feet this week, apparently. But for good reason… my red shoes rock. Every woman should own a pair of red shoes. They give you power and help you kick serious booty. Yup. They do. And you’re not going to convince me otherwise!

117: Texas A&M Singing Cadets

Texas A&M Singing Cadets

Purple Flowers

Pretty in purple

118: Lounging


119: Bright Colors

Bright colors and flip flops

122: Red Shoe Alert

Red shoe alert

Woman at work

Woman at work

121: Stars for my wrist

Stars for my wrist

Little White Church

Little white church

123: Sexy hair

Sexy hair (aka I still know how to use hot rollers!)

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Photos taken using a Nikon Coolpix L20 or my Droid Incredible or a Sony DSLR A230.
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Saturday night ghost stories

March 12th, 2011 2 comments

My schedule is irregular enough that the only shows I watch semi-regularly are ones I don’t have to see every week to follow any sort of storyline. I have certain nights I like better than others, but if I’m not home to see something, its not a big deal.

Saturday night is one of those nights that I actually like to watch TV. Yeah, yeah, yeah… its the night to go out for most people. For me, I tend to avoid downtown Nashville on Saturdays. I prefer to go out on weeknights,so good TV is a must for me on that night.

Biography channel shows ghost story shows on Saturday nights. And I’m pretty addicted. I think I’ve seen every episode of every show they have on that night, but I don’t care. I still tune in to get that creeped out rush that you get from spooky stories.

I read ghost books as a teen, and I still get a total kick out of them. I don’t really want to meet a ghost personally (I do believe they exist, though, and I’ve had a few “weird” things happen), but hearing/reading the stories of those who HAVE? Its kind of like crack to me. It hooked.

I get that weird tingle in the back of my neck that will go down my spine, leaving me with goosebumps all over my arms. Then I go to bed and cover my head, kicking myself for watching such nonsense. But it never fails. If I am home on Saturday night, I am tuned into Bio, freaking myself out.

But, like I said, I think I’ve seen every episode they have at this point. So here it is Saturday night. I’m tuned in to Bio, and I am wondering… do any of my readers have a good ghost story to share with me??

More than just a parent…

March 11th, 2011 5 comments

I’m truly blessed to have an amazing relationship with BOTH my parents. Mom and Dad are Mom and Dad, but they are also friends… which is SO cool to be able say. When Tara made that post on Twitter this week, it made me smile. Reminded me of my own relationship with my Mom!

Unbeknown to me at that time, an evening out with Mom was already in the works.

Tonight, Mom and I had a girls night out. Dinner, a little shopping, and then more conversation over cups of coffee before heading back home. It was SO MUCH FUN! I wasn’t ready for it to end, but as the coffee ran out and the hour grew late, it was time to call it a night.

We’ve been so busy lately, that taking an evening to unwind and just be “the girls” was a total treat. I may be married, but I am still my mother’s daughter and always will be! I haven’t gone to a store just to look around in ages, and we both had fun having no rhyme or reason to what we were doing. We were just hanging out. A definite boost for us both!! I hope we do it again soon.

I’ve had great afternoons/evenings out with Dad as well, which is so cool to be able to say. How many daddies and daughters take time to just hang out? Especially as the years pass and time gets short and life gets hectic. I am SO thankful. Daddy’s girl here!

I wish such a relationship for everyone with their parents. A relationship that is both parent and friend. A relationship full of love, respect and good dose of humor. SO awesome. So very blessed.

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Want vs Need

March 10th, 2011 1 comment

I’ve learned hard over the last year the difference between want and need.

I need food. I want a new shirt. That sort of thing.

Well, today, I ran some errands, and then ended up at the store for a few groceries. As I walked into the store I thought to myself, “I haven’t bought myself something as a ‘treat’ in a long time. I think I’ll treat myself.”

But you know what? I couldn’t do it. Everything I picked up, I found myself going, “But I don’t NEED it.” and I’d put it back. I did this countless times  until I finally decided to go home. I did get myself a bottle of wine and a 98 cent bottle of nail polish. WOO. Those two items were the extent of my “want” purchases.

And really, don’t all my ladies agree… the bottle of wine is just right there at the edge of that “need” category.


And its warming up, and cute toes are a need if I’m to wear flip flops.


Oh in all seriousness, I know they’re technically wants, but when my “want” purchases only total about $5, I feel like I’ve truly been successful in remembering that the “needs” always trump the “wants.” I walked out of the store patting myself on the back for my self-restraint. Go me!

Then I stopped for an iced coffee on my way home. Because, after all, I needed it.

No meat days

March 9th, 2011 5 comments

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter. A period of time in which vices are given up, and/or better habits are begun. Ash Wednesday and every Friday of Lent, those who participate refrain from eating meat.

I always used to say I could be a vegetarian easy, because I always like the side dishes better than whatever meat I had in front of me. Then, Lent would arrive and I’d find it hard to not eat meat! This year, I’ve decided I want to really embrace this challenge. Make really good meatless meals for myself and my family.

Today, I made grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches for lunch. Oh they were soooooo good. I’m not a HUGE tomato fan. I like them on sandwiches and in dishes. But I tend to pick them out of salads, and I’m not really someone who will eat them alone. (Except fresh out of the garden with some sugar on them. That’s good!) However, on grilled cheese they are THE best thing ever. So. So. So good.

Then tonight, I cooked off tilapia, with rice and green beans. I’m no longer afraid of cooking fish! Up until about a month ago, I shied away from it. Now? I want to try to cook everything!

Growing up, we’d have meatless spaghetti often during Lent. Salmon coquettes, too. Breakfast for supper was also always a treat during Lent!

This Lent, I’ve decided that, instead of “giving things up” I want to “make things better.” I’m throwing myself into this food challenge to hopefully find new and healthy recipes to have even past Lent.

So I ask you… what are some of your favorite Lenten menu ideas? Do you have any meatless recipes you like and think I should try?

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