What are they talking about?

My husband and I took another ride out on the bike yesterday. Fall temps are moving in regularly enough that we’re braced for it to be “the last ride of the season” and we grasp for any chance we get to ride.

I found myself people watching as we cruised down roads and streets. Any time I people watch, I spend most of my time wondering what a person is thinking or what a group of people are talking about… I am a chronic eavesdropper.

Two particular pairs stood out to me most. The first was two women on a walk together. They walked a brisk pace with that definite, “I’m gettin’ in shape here!” stride. But I chuckled to myself as it was also clearly a gossip session as their facial expressions were as animated as their jerky, fast strides.

I found myself wondering… ranting about a boyfriend, husband or recent ex? Perhaps their children had just gotten on that last nerve. More than likely they were mad at another woman. I find women talk much more animated when gossiping about another woman.

Later, we zipped past two boys walking together. It was late, so I assumed they were probably heading back to their neighborhood from whatever adventure they’d just been on. It took me back to be a kid and hanging with friends. I hoped they’d get home safely, but even more hoped they’d have a lasting friendship to look back on a night like last night fondly.

I saw many people in our ride, but these pairs of friends really stuck with me. I still find myself wondering… what were they talking about? Its none of my business but I’m still curious. Do you ever find yourself doing that? Wondering about a complete stranger for hours after you cross their path? Maybe I’m weird like that. Maybe its just my creative side peeking out. Either way, its whats on my mind now… and probably will be for awhile.

When posts get lost in my mind

Over the last week and a half, I’ve written a blog post every day.

In my mind.

I hate it when life gets too busy to actually put my post-thoughts down in an actual post. As a result, those posts end up lost for good. Possibly to be found again at a later day, but more likely to never be read by anyone other than my own psyche.

It’s been a very busy week-and-a-half since I last updated. A quick trip to Texas that went way too fast for me followed by work, work and more work. No time to breathe in there, and it left me very grouchy and out of sorts.

However, the trip to Texas was wonderful. I got to see my high school play our biggest rivals — and win in a shut-out — and then I got to spend my entire brother’s birthday with him for a change. I don’t think that’s happened since… uhm… a really long time.

I got to make a quick trip to Aggieland — a place that forever just makes me smile with good, happy memories and a pride that never dims.

And then… then our trip was over. Just as suddenly as it began, it came to an end. I had all these thoughts, all these posts I wanted to write. I had days worth of photos I’d taken, ready to share with others. But time was passing much too fast to do any of it. My creative side… a side as important to me as breathing and eating, was having to sit patiently and wait to be set free again.

Slowly, I am finding a moment here and there to be creative. Photos finally got edited last night. And I’m borrowing a few moments to write this post… because just like I get “hangry” when I want to get something to eat, I get grouchy when I can’t do what is my passion. And sometimes… sometimes you have to say NO and just do what you need to do.

 313: Reflecting on a great trip

This day snuck up on me

This last weekend, local firefighters climbed 112 stories to remember and honor the first responders lost in the Sept. 11 attack. This happens every year, and I absolutely love that they do it!

But I was confused when I heard about it. Sept. 11th was still a long ways away.


I’m really glad I was by myself as my mind started doing the math and realized that its September, and actually 9/11 would only be in a few more days. I’m pretty sure there was a visible light-bulb moment all over my face.

Ever since its happened (9/11, not the light bulb moment), I’ve looked on this day as momentous. Last year, I recounted where I was when I found out about the tragedy. This year… this year I’m more aware of how much time has passed since 9/11/01.

When I card someone at the bar, they have to have a birth date of that particular day, 1991, or before. 1991. The people just becoming old enough to drink legally were 10 years old when the towers fell. College students were in elementary school. That blows my mind in a way. And its not me going, “OMG I’m old!” in that statement. It’s me realizing that soon the emotional attachment to that day will wane, as it becomes more like a paragraph in our history books.

Bin Laden may be dead, but Al Qaeda is still active. There are people still dealing with the aftermath of the day, every day. Be it with health difficulties, dealing with the loss of their loved one(s) or just living looking over their shoulder — 9/11 is still very real and still very strong for thousands of Americans. It’s NOT a paragraph in a history book. Not yet.

But that time will come, and I think it comes with healing. It’s not forgetting. It’s not disrespecting. It’s healing. It takes time, but it does come. I, for one, do welcome that healing even as I’ll forever pause when I think of 9/11.

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