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In the last month


It’s May.

I didn’t post all of April. I haven’t gone a whole month without blogging since probably 2009. But April was just silly busy.

In April I…

… went to Round Top, TX with my best girlfriends. LOVE these women more than I could ever say.


… took my nephew’s senior photos. (What the heck, didn’t I just graduate high school myself!?)

Cody (3)

… took my husband to the Dixie Chicken for the first time. Over 9 years of marriage, and it FINALLY worked out.


… had my niece blow me away with her acting skills, when I saw the Yoe High One Act Play troupe compete in UIL competitions.


…caught up with an old band mate of my husband’s and friend we haven’t seen in over 10 years.


…held Aggie Muster in Nashville. Here.


…drove to Illinois and back in a day.


…and had a wonderful time with my parents visiting.


So here we go, May. I’m already buckling my seat belt and bracing for another busy month ahead!

Month-end wrap up

I have stacks of laundry to be done. I have one basket of clean towels to be folded. I have another basket of clothes that are folded already, just waiting to be put away. I have dishes to be washed in the sink. Instead of handling any of those, I’m sitting on the couch, catching up online, sipping a glass of wine. It’s been a good month. I want to savor looking back for a moment.

My husband had some time off. Time off equates to not making money, which can often be a bummer. However, this recent time off was welcomed. It meant some serious reconnecting time, in the form of a Stay-cation. Exploring our own city. Going for a bike ride on our new bikes. A relaxing, romantic evening at Arrington Vineyards was perhaps the best part of it all, though.

A very special Opry. I always love going to the Opry, but George Jones’ 80th birthday was fantastic. Definitely goes down in my book as one of the coolest Opry nights I’ve ever been blessed to attend.

My parents came to visit. This is the reason for my latest hiatus. I opted to enjoy my time with my parents, while also balancing some extra nights working downtown. I seriously have the best parents ever, and I so enjoy every time they visit. We didn’t do too much while they were here, keeping it low key. And honestly? I loved that… just chilling with my parents. Who needs to run around all the time and end up exhausted? Relax. Enjoy. Live in the moment.

Texas A&M officially joining the SEC. I, for one, am excited. I’m a little nervous that we’ll struggle a few years against our new opponents, but I am so happy we’re facing the challenge. Sure, I’ll miss many of the rivalries of the Big 12. I hope we can schedule some of them non-conference… at least every few years! But I’m excited for this new venture. I’m excited to have my Aggies come to town. I’m excited to have games shown more locally. I’m excited to see my team on the local news. I’m just… excited!

All the good comes with a little bad. I’ve been fighting allergies for the last few weeks, and my new laptop is having issues. Fingers crossed a friend can fix the later tonight. The allergies… will just probably hang around another month.

September… you felt like a long month. But you were a good one. Here’s hoping October is a good one, too!