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Flyday Friday

I’m flying home to Nashville for the weekend. Actually, I’m sitting at my gate in Austin… glaring at the board that I now have a 15 minute delay.

I can’t have delays today. It’s one of those flights that make my husband and I shake our heads at our life.

See, I land in time to have a quick dinner with him before taking him to the bus for the weekend. So I get home in time for him to leave.

We do that sometimes.

The most extreme case was when he parked our truck in short term and we met at the airport in time for him to give me a kiss and tell me where to find it. He flew out as I drove home.

That’s our life!

Go. Go. Go.

And I wouldn’t trade it.


A very *hiccup* Merry Christmas tradition


I look forward to this night and every year. It’s the Fiddle & Steel tree decorating party soon.

It’s a little gathering all the Fiddle family. We all bring in little bottles of booze — the kind you get on an airplane — and we make our own decorations. Well, you drink your ornament. By the end of the night we’re all a bit decorated ourselves, and the bar looks beautiful.

It has very little to do with the drinking; it’s about the camaraderie. It’s the laughter and memories. Its watching badass guys pull out a glue gun to decorate a little bottle of Crown or Jack. It’s the ladies helping hang stockings on the edge of the stage. It’s knowing that for the rest of the year there will be a gentle pretty glow to come see every night together with our friends who are more like family.

I love this night! I better get back to decorating…